Charu Asopa Divorce: Is Rajeev Sen Agree Her Divorce Decision?

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen’s separation has generated headlines for some time. According to reports, the final divorce hearing for the estranged couple is scheduled for today, June 8. Before the event, Charu discussed how she had co-parented their daughter Ziana. She added that she does not want her daughter to grow up in an environment where her parents have a strained relationship.

What Is The Cause Of Charu Asopa’s Divorce?

Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa are now officially divorced after enduring numerous difficulties in their marriage. ETimes TV had previously reported on their final hearing, which was scheduled for today (June 8) according to previous reports.

Today, when ETimes TV contacted Rajeev for an update on the hearing, he stated, “We are divorced.” He also posted a message on social media implying that they have separated.

Charu Asopa also expressed her desire for their daughter to observe her parents respecting one another. “I believe we should share parental responsibilities for Ziana. I want her daughter to observe us treating each other with respect and courtesy. “I don’t want Ziana to see Rajiv and me in a relationship where neither of us is happy, because that would also be toxic for her.”

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Is Rajeev Sen Agree Her Divorce Decision?

Recently, Rajeev Sen uploaded a video to his YouTube channel explaining that the separation is for Charu, himself, and their daughter’s benefit. “You people are aware that June 8 is approaching, and on that date, there will be a second and final court hearing.

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I have always maintained a positive outlook on life in general. Whatever is about to occur will benefit me, my daughter, and Charu. What will occur on June 8, are we proceeding (with the divorce), you will find out regardless. In his vlog, he stated, “All I can say is that whatever happens, happens for the best.”

Who Is Rajeev Sen?

Rajeev Sen is the handsome sibling of Sushmita Sen, the former Miss Universe. He is also a renowned model and businessman. Rajeev Sen is quite prominent in the fashion industry and is frequently spotted walking the runway for renowned Indian designers.

According to credible sources, he may soon make his début in the world of glamour despite the fact that little is known about him. However, it is still unknown which film will serve as his breakthrough.

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Is Charu Asopa Planning Of Second Marriage?

Previously, while speaking with ETimes, Charu stated that the couple is now permanently separated. She stated that the couple has been in conflict ever since their wedding. She claimed that following a dispute, Rajeev would vanish for weeks or months and disable all communication channels.

She anticipated they would resolve their issue for the sake of their daughter Ziana, but they did not. The actress continued by stating that she regrets giving their marriage a second chance.

Charu’s Struggling Life

Charu’s first marriage was to a Marwari businessman in Rajasthan. She filed for divorce in November of 2016, citing incompatibility issues. Then Charu was romantically involved with Neeraj Malviya. They exchanged vows in Rajasthan. In 2017, the couple ended their engagement. In June 2019, she married Rajeev Sen, the younger sibling of Sushmita Sen. This is Charu’s second wedding.

Rajeev Sen had publicly criticized Charu for concealing her first marriage in 2022.  In July 2022, the couple announced that they had initiated the legal procedure to dissolve their marriage. In September 2022, they called off the divorce and proclaimed it on their respective Instagram accounts. Despite this, in October 2022, Charu again accused Rajeev Sen of physical abuse and admitted that marrying him was her greatest error.

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The relationship between Charu and Rajeev quickly deteriorated after their wedding. However, the actors decided to separate in 2022. The ex-couple co-parents their daughter Ziana. “Ziana is our daughter, and Rajeev is welcome to spend time with her at any time.

If he desires, I can deliver Ziana to him. “So, that’s not a problem, but what should I say about the two of us being together?” asked Charu. If you have any queries then write in the comment box below at

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