C & F Finance: Does C & F Finance Corporation Offer a Grace Period?

C&F Finance is a subsidiary of C&F Financial Corporation, a United States-based bank holding corporation. C&F Finance specializes in providing auto financing to customers with limited or no credit history, as well as those with excellent credit.

The company’s mission is to provide consumers with affordable and accessible financing options while maintaining high customer service standards. With an emphasis on innovation and technology, C&F Finance has become a prominent provider of auto financing in the United States, serving customers nationwide.

In this article, we will examine all pertinent information regarding C&F Finance.

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What is C&F Finance?

C&F Financial Corp. is an American-based bank holding corporation. Its subsidiaries offer a variety of financial services to individuals and organizations. Community Banking, Mortgage Banking, and Consumer Finance are the company’s three primary areas of operation.

C&F Finance: Does C&F Finance Corporation Offer a Grace Period?

It focuses predominantly on lending activities, including residential mortgage loans, commercial real estate loans, subprime automobile lending, loans for land acquisition and development, and consumer loans.

The Community Banking segment is the company’s primary revenue generator.

How to Make Payments to C & F Finance Company?

If you have a loan with C & F Finance Company, online payment is simple. Simply visit https://www.cffc.com/cffinance/Payoff.aspx to make a payment. And log in at MyAccount in the center. You can choose between:

  • A one-time payment is made.
  • Enrolling your checking account in Autopay.

Please be aware that many banks and financial institutions offer a rate discount for enrolling in autopay (to lower your interest expense and monthly payment). During the pre-qualification phase of your auto financing application, C & F Finance Company would have highlighted this option in order to secure you a reduced interest rate.

How Much Does It Cost to Refinance With C & F Finance?

Refinancing with C & F Finance Company can cost between $15 and $449. In theory, there are no additional costs associated with refinancing, as there are no early repayment fees for auto loans and the only fee is the DMV fee for changing the lienholder on the vehicle title.

However, depending on the lender you choose to refinance your C & F Finance Company auto loan with, concealed fees of up to $449 may apply.

To gain a better understanding of the costs associated with refinancing your loan, you should review our thorough comparison of various refinancing lenders.

Does C&F Finance Corporation Offer a Grace Period?

C & F Finance Company’s policy on late payments includes a 7- to the 15-day grace period, which may differ from that of other lenders. As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many banks have become more accommodating to borrowers. Depending on the type of loan, late fees can range from zero to five percent of the monthly payment amount.

While a grace period can be useful in an emergency, it is not advisable to rely on it frequently, as doing so could have long-term negative effects on your credit score and personal finances. Instead, refinancing may be a viable option for lowering your monthly payment and saving money.

C&F Finance: Does C&F Finance Corporation Offer a Grace Period?

To explore this option, simply provide your phone number and follow our three-step online process to receive a firm refinancing offer, with no impact on your credit score.

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