Call It Love Season 2 Release Date: Who Will be the Call It Love Season 2 Cast?

This Series is a South Korean Television series that represents romantic melodrama. On the other hand, the main characters of the drama “Call It Love” are Sim Woo-Joo and Han Dong-Jin, who fall in love despite the difficult circumstances that surround them. Many “Call It Love” watchers are already considering whether there will be a second season as they eagerly await the conclusion of season one.

Since the show’s future is uncertain as a result, viewers fear that it won’t return. Despite the dearth of formal announcements, some fans are nonetheless enthusiastic about the possibility of a second season. What to Expect in Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast, and Season 1 Ending are all covered in this article. About Review, Rating.

What Is The Release Date of Call It Love Season 2?

There has been no official announcement regarding the premiere of “Call It Love” season 2. Given that the series has only recently made its Disney+ debut, it might take some time for the show’s creators to decide whether to continue. The series’ final two episodes have yet to air.

If there is any news to be revealed, it won’t happen until after the season’s end. Keep up with “Call It Love” and the production company by following them on their official social media accounts. Keep reading to find out the first information that becomes available about “Call It Love” season 2’s release date and timing.

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Category Status
Title Call It Love
No. of Season 2
Screenwriter Kim Ga Eun
Director Lee Kwang Young
Genre Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Stars Lee Song-Kyoung, Ell, Harrison Xu
Production Arc Media
Music Karla Carmona
Country of origin South Korea
Origin Language Korean
Available Language Korean
First Season Aired On 22 Feb 2023
Second Season Aired On TBA
Available On Hulu

Call It Love Season 2 Plot

Sim Woo-Joo and Han Dong-Jin are the stars of the touching romantic melodrama “Call It Love,” which follows the story of two people whose lives are profoundly changed by their turbulent connection. The play discusses the concepts of love, forgiveness, and redemption as the two protagonists navigate a variety of difficulties.

Sim Woo-Joo’s life unravels after her father dies, and his mistress kicks her out of her home. As she spends time with Han Dong-Jin, the son of her father’s ex-girlfriend, she realizes she has fallen in love and approaches him hoping for revenge. Han Dong-Jin, a workaholic who has never experienced true love, changes as a result of the appearance of Sim Woo-Joo.

Call it Love season 2 (1)

The show’s writing is packed with heartfelt scenes, surprising twists, and moving moments that keep viewers engaged and drawn into the story. They learn that they are affecting each other’s lives in ways they never could have anticipated as their love for one another grows.

The transformative power of love and forgiveness is brilliantly captured in the song “Call It Love.” For anyone who appreciates a good romance drama, this program is a must-watch.

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Who Will be the Call It Love Season 2 Cast?

This web series features some well-known and talented actors which you will see in the next paragraph. Who will take place the role of the cast in this show of South Korean television show? Read about the Web series cast and crew.

  • Lee Song Kwoung as Sim Woo-Joo
  • Ell as Sim Woo-Joo
  • Harrison as Sim Ji-Gu
  • Andrew as Sun-Woo
  • Yuuki Luna as Kim Yu-Ri
  • Kim Young-Kwang as Han Dong-Jin
  • Sung Joon Park as Yoon Joon

Call It Love Season 2 Trailer

There won’t be any information about a Call It Loves season 2 trailer debuting soon because the first season hasn’t yet ended. Watch this space for additional developments.

Watch Here: Call It Love Series Trailer

What Is The Rating Of Call It Loves Season 2

Call It Love has a rating of 7.9 on IMDB. These are good ratings, and the audience score also aligns with the critics’ score. Overall, it is a beautiful drama with a heartwarming romance.

Review Of Call It Love Season 2

Jee Un Lee (ex-Kdrama My Mister, 2018), the ever-so-slightly frightening young actress with an obsession with total loser men, are destined to meet, this time a more youthful quest, promising a true, sizzling loving romance at last! However, Sim Woo-Joo, who plays our fearsome senorita, reveals that she is not only the smartest on the block but also the friendliest and warmest when it comes to her poor protege Han Dongjin, played by Kim Young Kwang.

This is a typical retribution story turned on its head, and it’s a wonderful success in casting. Our lady Jee Un Lee also gives a fantastic, quiet performance, demonstrating how far she has come since her early roles in kid dramas a decade ago. It’s impossible to avoid having a secret love affair with Sim Woo-Joo.


1- When will be the release date of Call It Loves

     Season 2?

        There has been no official announcement of this web series till now.

2- Where can you watch season 2?

         You can watch it on Hulu.

3- How many seasons has Call It Love come?

        Officially, one season has come yet.

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This year’s first romance drama, Call It Love, is already well-known. The initial season was prosperous. A second season is not yet assured, though. It has gained notoriety thanks to its engrossing plot, heartfelt acting, and stunning photography.

Despite their differences and struggles, the two talented artists in the performance fall in love. Viewers are drawn by the chemistry of the key actor. The music is unique and dramatic for each scene. A satisfying movie, Call It Love. Stay tuned for details on this compelling series’ upcoming second season at

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