Is Bodies Season 2 Release Date Announced? Storyline, Cast and Where to Watch

Bodies Season 2 Release Date: A new thriller Bodies is the newest show to take over Netflix. It went straight to the top after getting great reviews. People can’t get enough of this twisty time-traveling murder mystery based on the same-named DC Vertigo comic. Stephen Graham, who plays the lead, is a well-known actor. There are four bodies. Four police officers. Through four different times. Let’s be honest: that idea sells the show by itself!

It’s been quite the ride, and after that thrilling ending, fans are already wondering if it will be picked up for a second season. If you look at Twitter for a moment, you can see that people want an answer. Which makes sense, since the show ends with a small hint that it might come back…

Has Bodies Season 2 Confirmed?

Even though the last episode of Bodies seems to end on a good note, with London apparently safe, there is a small hint that danger is still ahead. In the back of a car, Shahara Hasan (Amaka Okafor) starts to relax. It turns out that the driver is Maplewood (Shira Haas), who we last saw traveling back in time to 1890. The fact that she is by herself in 2023 is a warning sign…

Bodies Season 2 Release Date

The next thing they talk about is also tense; Hasan says she thinks London could explode at any time because it’s on the edge of something big. One possible meaning of Maplewood’s answer is a warning: “I know exactly what you mean.”

Bodies Season 2 Release Date

There is no set date for when Bodies Season 2 will come out, and it might not happen at all. Bodies Season 2 would not happen because the show was meant to be a limited series or miniseries and the plot was finished by the end of Season 1.

In an interview with RadioTimes, the show’s creator, Paul Tomalin, said that they had not ruled out the chance of a second season. But he also said that he and the rest of the Bodies cast and crew owed it to the fans to end the story where it needed to end and that it wouldn’t be smart to keep the show going for more seasons. Another thing he said was that he wanted people to feel like they had finished a show after watching the first and only season.

Where to Watch Bodies Season 2?

Bodies Season 2 won’t be coming out on Netflix any time soon. This is what the official summary for Bodies says: “One person was found dead on a London street.” To protect Britain’s future, the case must be solved by four detectives in four different times.

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What Will Be the Plot of Bodies Season 2?

We told you how Bodies ends here, so thank us later! In the end, Shahara goes back in time to stop Elias from setting off the bomb, which changes the future and makes Elias no longer exist.

Bodies Season 2 Release Date

But in the last scene, Shahara is talking to a cab driver who turns out to be Iris Maplewood. In the background, the letters “KYAL,” which stands for “Know You Are Loved,” can be seen in the skyline of London.

In season two, Iris, Shahara, and the other agents might have to work together once more to stop KYAL from happening. How exciting! You can watch Bodies on Netflix right now.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Bodies Season 2?

For a possible second season, we could expect most of the key cast to return, such as:

  • Amaka Okafor as Shahara Hasan
  • Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Charles Whiteman
  • Kyle Soller as Alfred Hillinghead
  • Shira Haas as Iris Maplewood
  • Tom Mothersdale as Gabriel Defoe

We would have to say goodbye to Stephen Graham’s character Elias Mannix, though, because when Shahara goes back in time to stop the bomb, Elias is gone.

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Netflix’s Bodies is a thrilling time-traveling murder mystery based on DC Vertigo comic. The show, which ended with a tense ending, has sparked speculation about a possible second season. The creator, Paul Tomalin, has not confirmed a second season, but he believes it would be better to end the story where it needed to end. The cast for Bodies Season 2 is expected to return, including Amaka Okafor as Shahara Hasan, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd as Charles Whiteman, Kyle Soller as Alfred Hillinghead, and Shirley Haas as Iris Maplewood.

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