BMF Season 3 Release Date: Here’s What We Know About the Season!

The show delves into the extensive drama and dangers associated with the Flenory Brothers’ drug-trafficking network. Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s BMF (‘Black Mafia Family,’ also known as “50 Cent’s Album”) doesn’t hold back. Because it is based on a true story, the drama series has had its fair share of unexpected twists and heated debates.

However, now that the TV show has been renewed for a third season, fans are eager to learn more about what to expect and when to expect it. We’d like to address some of your concerns about when Season 3 of BMF will be released.

The Plot of BMF Season 3

The third season of BMF will most likely end in the same manner as the real-life Flenory Brothers’ story, with them pleading guilty to charges in 2007. However, the series has only just reached the 1980s, so there is still a significant amount of history to cover before then.

After taking the fall for his son, Detective Bryant was one of many characters left hanging at the end of Season 2. This will benefit Meech and Terry by reducing their exposure to the sun’s rays.

The second season also saw the brothers’ moderately successful efforts to establish their company as a respectable enterprise. This bodes well for their continued success in the coming seasons (but no doubt encountering trouble along the way).

The emotional effects of Monique’s murder on Meech, as well as his relationship with his daughter Zoe, will almost certainly be explored in the upcoming season. It may be difficult to draw conclusions now that he has fled to Atlanta in an attempt to establish a foothold.

BMF Season 3 Release Date

Rumors Regarding the Release Date of BMF Season 3

The premiere date for BMF Season 3 has not yet been announced, but it is undoubtedly on the way. Because there was a 16-month gap between seasons one and two, we can expect season three to premiere in the first half of 2024.

The thriller series was renewed for a third season in January 2023, just days after the second episode of season 2. They make good use of their time. Given the 4.1 million viewers who tuned in to watch the season two premiere, it’s not surprising that Starz has renewed the show for a third season.

“After such a fantastic season two launch, we’re thrilled to continue to build on the incredible narrative of the Flenory Brothers as they redefine the game by establishing their own rules,” said Programming President Kathryn Busby in a statement.

We know 50 Cent is preoccupied with other projects (including his recent casting in The Expendables 4), but we still expect him to return as executive producer for Season 4.

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Possible Cast for BMF Season 3

Given the central characters of the show, we can expect Demetrius Flenory Jr. (Meech) and Da’Vinchi (Terry) to return for BMF Season 3.

Due to tragic circumstances, many familiar faces, including Kash Doll as Monique, will be missing from the upcoming season. Lamar’s ultimate fate is even more mysterious, as he was last seen unconscious after abusing dangerous chemicals.

Celebrities such as 2 Chainz and Ne-Yo have also been confirmed to appear, albeit in mysterious roles. The series has previously hosted Snoop Dogg and Eminem, so this is not the first time a celebrity has appeared.

Season 3 of Bmf Has Confirmed the Following Actors and Actresses:

Actors/Actresses/Musicians Characters
Demetrius Flenory Jr Meech
Da’Vinchi Terry
Steve Harris Detective Bryant
Kelly Hu Detective Veronica
Russell Hornsby Charles
Michole Briana White Lucille

Where Can I Watch BMF Online?

BMF can be viewed on or the Starz mobile app. Starz is currently offering a three-month subscription for $3.

Philo (as well as Sling TV and FuboTV) subscribers can add Starz for $9 per month. For the first seven days, new subscribers can try the service risk-free. Starz is now available as an $8.99 monthly subscription to Hulu or Amazon Prime. A free seven-day trial is available to eligible subscribers.


Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson’s BMF, based on the true story of the Flenory Brothers, will premiere its third season in the first half of 2024. Starz has renewed the show, which features returning cast members Demetrius Flenory Jr. (Meech) and Da’Vinchi (Terry). 2 Chainz and Ne-Yo are also scheduled to appear. Starz currently offers a three-month subscription for $3.

If you enjoy gripping dramas based on true stories, then don’t miss BMF on Starz! It’s no surprise that the show has been renewed for a third season, given its gripping plot and talented cast. Mark your calendars for the release in the first half of 2024. Check our Website!

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