Bloody Daddy Review: Did the Chaotic Journey of Bloody Daddy Deliver on its Thrills?

Bloody Daddy Review: The main actor takes on the role of another anti-hero who plays by his own rules, similar to Farzi’s defiantly amoral middle-class rebel.

Bloody Daddy is a good rehash of the 2011 French movie Nuit Blanche. It has a lot of blood, a lot of dead bodies, and a lot of well-staged gunfights and duels. This movie, which stars Shahid Kapoor and was written, directed, and co-produced by Ali Abbas Zafar, is not even close to being the best action movie ever made.

Streaming on JioCinema, Bloody Daddy has a lot of technical polish that is only on the surface and doesn’t get to the heart of the movie. It falls down on its mechanical twists and turns when it falls into the trap of monotony, which happens when the well-staged action scenes feel too routine to be truly and fully exciting.

The main actor takes on the role of another anti-hero who plays the game by his own rules, like Farzi’s defiantly immoral middle-class rebel. As a divorced dad with a lot to show, he enjoys living dangerously and, according to his ex-wife, irresponsibly.

Who Prevailed in the Deadly Chase for the Stolen Bag of Cocaine?

In the beginning of the movie, we see that the man likes to go where angels don’t want to go. With the help of a friend, he pulls off a bold drug theft in the early morning in Connaught Place, Delhi, that kills one man. The bag he grabs has 500 million rupees worth of cocaine in it.

The rest of the story takes place in one day. In revenge, drug dealer Sikandar Chaudhry (Ronit Roy), who owns the bag and its contents, takes Sumair’s son Atharv (Sartaaj Kakkar) hostage in his seven-star hotel in Gurugram and holds him there for a while.

As the hero goes to get his son back, he finds that Sikandar isn’t the only person he has to fight. Sameer (Rajeev Khandelwal) and Aditi (Diana Penty), two police officers who work against drugs, are after him for reasons that aren’t clear at first.

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As if that wasn’t bad enough, Sumair runs into a thug named Hameed, played by Sanjay Kapoor, who comes to the hotel to claim the stolen bag of cocaine. The problem is that Sumair doesn’t know where the bag is anymore.

Did the Father Overcome Chaos and Find Redemption?

As hotel guests go all out to have fun, he searches in the dark for the missing cocaine and his stolen son. The lockdown has been lifted now that the second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak is over. Everyone is ready to give up on being careful. Sumair more than anyone else.

At the hotel, people are having a wedding anniversary party and waiting for Badshah to arrive so he can perform at the event. But Sumair doesn’t care about anything that’s going on. His whole attention is on saving Atharv.

Bloody Daddy Review

In Bloody Daddy, music and chaos go hand in hand. Blood is being spilled while songs are being sung in the background. But the violence is more important than the instruments. Even when it’s Badshah’s turn to show off his singing skills, the power goes out in the middle of the song.

Bloody Daddy isn’t so much a high-octane father-son story as it is a straight-up crime caper that tries to do too many fancy plot twists for its own good. Also included is the story of three odd brothers, Sikandar, Danny (Vivan Bhathena), and Vicky (Ankur Bhatia), who are all trying to get their hands on the rare brown duffle bag.

The movie’s “bloodied” dad, who got hurt in the opening scene and has a wound in his stomach, causes a lot of damage. Armed with determination, tenacity, and raw bravery, he is determined to gain the respect of his skeptical son and get a bunch of bloodthirsty men off his back.

Did the Chaotic Journey of ‘Bloody Daddy’ Deliver on its Thrills?

At one point in the movie, one of Sumair’s many angry enemies screams, “What the f*** is going on?” The same thing is what we want to know. The main character always ruins parties. In one scene, he rushes into a dining hall, climbs onto a table, and knocks over wine and champagne glasses.

Along with the men’s room, the hotel kitchen is one of the hero’s favorite places. This is where a long action scene takes place. In the game room, there’s another one. By the time the story leaves the hotel and goes into the streets, there have been many reveals that have changed the rules of the game.

In Bloody Daddy, corrupt cops, undercover agents, drug dealers, and spies go for the throat and end up on all fours, which is a good metaphor for what happens to the movie as a whole. It scurries and trips its way through planned chaos in order to reach a high level of physical energy.

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Ali Abbas Zafar and Aditya Basu’s script is mostly traditional. It has its share of thrills, but it doesn’t have the emotional connection that a movie about a father trying to save his son should have.

Shahid Kapoor isn’t really put to the test in Bloody Daddy. He fits the part like a fish in water, which is to say that his performance isn’t anything more than just adequate. Everyone else in the cast is stuck in places where they can’t move around much.


Bloody Daddy is a rehash of Nuit Blanche, featuring Shahid Kapoor as an anti-hero who plays by his own rules. It has a lot of blood, dead bodies, and well-staged gunfights and duels, but falls short on its mechanical twists and turns. Sumair searches for his missing cocaine and his stolen son in Bloody Daddy, a crime caper with music and chaos. Sumair is determined to gain the respect of his son and get a bunch of bloodthirsty men off his back, but the movie lacks emotional connection.

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