Bigg Boss OTT 2: Salman Khan Apologises to Audience for Akanksha Puri-jad Hadid’s Kiss on Cameras!

Salman Khan is perhaps one of the few celebrities who has avoided on-screen kissing. When Akanksha Puri and Jad Hadid locked lips on Bigg Boss OTT 2, the Bollywood star was shocked. As Salman returned for Weekend Ka Vaar, he drew up the two competitors, particularly Jad, who had startled housemates after flashing his buttocks to Bebika Dhurve during a fight.

As the Weekend Ka Vaar episode began, Salman addressed the camera about what had happened in the house over the previous week. He said that Jad’s acts could not even be depicted on camera, even when the show was broadcast on a website with less stringent censoring regulations. He also apologized to the audience for having to watch all of this on the broadcast. Salman stated that he does not believe in this type of content, neither in his films nor in any ventures with which he is engaged.

Bigg Boss OTT 2

The Bollywood actress approached Jad Hadid and questioned his activities. He inquired if he would have done it in his own nation or with women he knew personally. Salman also chastised Jad and Akanksha for using their profession to cover up their actions. “You’re not playing some characters,” he replied. You were not asked to do it. It’s not staged.” While Jad attempted to justify himself at first, he eventually apologized to Salman. He admitted that he was sorry for his conduct and wanted to make amends.

“This may be acceptable to some, but it may offend others.” This country is both conservative and forgiving. “It has forgiven many of us,” Salman said fiercely. He also assured the housemates that they were still talking about culture and morality, but that didn’t stop the two from kissing in front of the cameras. When Jad went on to say that he has a four-year-old kid, the presenter was stunned and enraged. He warned him about the consequences of his behaviour.

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Salman Khan stated later in the episode that if this happens again, he will leave the show since he does not want to be connected with such content. “Aap sabko aisa lagta hai ki ye week ka highlight tha,” he said. (You all thought this was the highlight of the week.) Parvarish, parivaar, morality, kya woh task apne sabhyata ko leke tha. Was it based on our upbringing, family values, and culture)? You don’t have to apologize to me for anything. I don’t mind. I’m leaving now. “I’m exiting this show.”

Bigg Boss OTT 2

Salman Khan also criticized Bebika Dhurve’s performance on the show. He questioned her harsh and callous remarks about her roommates. The host was perplexed as to how she could behave so impolitely as the daughter of astrologer Janardhan. He also expressed concern that she will fight and mistreat him eventually, as she does with the other housemates.

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