Bigg Boss OTT 2: Puneet Superstar Becomes the First Contestant to Be Kicked Off the Show Within 24 Hours!

Bigg Boss OTT 2 had a grand premiere on June 17. Salman Khan’s performance got the party started. On the night of the big premiere, the contestants entered with their acts. They ranged from Bollywood and TV stars to social media stars. A few hours after the show started, Bigg Boss warned one of the hopefuls, a social media influencer named Puneet Superstar. Reports show that the contestant is no longer in the running.

Puneet Superstar Eliminated From Bigg Boss OTT 2

This is the first time in the history of Bigg Boss OTT that a contestant has kicked off the show within 24 hours of joining. Puneet Sharma, who was also known as Puneet Superstar, was kicked out of the competition by the other entrants as a group, which surprised everyone. Puneet’s friends made a lot of noise on the internet when they called him the “public winner.”

Puneet Superstar Eliminated From Bigg Boss OTT 2


His friends were rooting for him, and many of them said they would watch the show only for him. Puneet has a huge number of fans, which should come as no surprise. During his entrance, he told the judges and Salman Khan that he would be himself on the show. JioCinema also posted a picture of Puneet from the grand opening on social media with the words, “For the first time in Bigg Boss history, an EVICTION in less than 12 hours! The other housemates got rid of #PuneetKumar.

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Why Was Puneet Superstar Eliminated From the Bigg Boss House?

At first, Bigg Boss was very angry with Puneet for how he was acting. He was seen putting toothpaste on his face, emptying the handwash bottle, and applying it to his hair. The threat said that he will be kicked off Salman Khan’s show if he doesn’t act properly and hurts other contestants.

Puneet Superstar Eliminated From Bigg Boss OTT 2

Puneet made it clear that he won’t apologize for something he didn’t do, even though other contestants asked him to. In the same night, he was also heard saying, “Myujhe rakhna hai toh rakhho, nahi rakhna hai toh nikaal do, TRP mujhe nahi tumhe mil rahi hai.”

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