Bigg Boss OTT 2: Pooja Bhatt Sparks Twitter Outrage With Her ‘Masterni’ Attitude During Fight With Palak!

After Puneet Superstar left “Bigg Boss OTT 2,” Pooja Bhatt has become the most annoying person in the house. Viewers didn’t expect this to happen, but a recent show has made them change their minds about the former actor.

When Manisha Rani and Jad Hadid had a small argument in the show that aired on Thursday night, Pooja tried to make them get along again. But in an attempt to show how great her new friend Manisha was, she made fun of Palak Purswani and Jiya Shankar.

Pooja said that she thought Manisha, who is from a small town in Bihar, is more mature than either of them and would be a better friend for Bebika than either of them.

Pooja Bhatt Sparks Twitter Outrage With Her ‘masterni’ Attitude

The sudden attack surprised Palak because it seemed to come out of nowhere. She tried to defend herself, but Pooja shut her down over and over. In an earlier part of the show, Pooja tried the same thing with Palak, and Palak did what Pooja asked and listened to what she had to say. But this time, Palak decided not to be quiet.

Palak stood up for herself, even though she answered nicely and with respect. Pooja, on the other hand, said that Palak was rude and thought she was better than Manisha. Palak tried to say what she thought, but Pooja stood in her way and wouldn’t let her.

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After the fight, Palak broke down in tears while she was in the kitchen. Jiya did her best to comfort and cheer her up, and they became close because they had both been picked on by Pooja.

Pooja Bhatt Sparks Twitter Outrage With Her ‘masterni’ Attitude

In response to how she was acting, one person said on Twitter, “#PoojaBhatt, how can you form an opinion about a person in just two days? If #PalakPurswani talks loudly, she’s fake, but if #ManishaRani talks loudly, she’s real. What gives?” Also talking about the currency, which was ranked first by the creators, not the public. #BiggBossOtt2. “She’s like those naak pe dam karne waale principal,” said someone else. Pooja Bhatt is like one of those annoying school teachers who give random advice: “Free ka gyaan batne waali.”

A third person said, “Most of the people who support Pooja Bhatt and Manisha are the ones who only judge them based on the one-hour Big Brother episode.” It’s good that Pooja is there for Manisha, but Pooja seems to be doing too much. I really hate the way she acts.” “Gosh !! Pooja Bhatt is very bossy and really annoying at the same time. Even though I don’t like #PalakPurswani, she didn’t do anything wrong today. Pooja ki baat se agree Karo tou theek warna ‘Aap sunte nahi, Kam bolo “(It’s fine if you agree with her, but if you don’t, she tells you that you don’t listen),” said a fourth person. A fifth person said, “Yes, PoojaBhatt is really annoying!” She tries to control people with her loud voice: “Awaz uchi karke khud ki dominance prove karne ki koshish karti hai.”

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Pooja’s appearance on the show was a surprise, and when she entered the house, she was given 1.5 lakhs ‘Bigg Boss’ currency. On the other hand, Palak had to deal with the effects of breaking the rule that she had to keep her connection to “Bigg Boss” a secret. She was put on hold for a while.

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