Bigg Boss OTT 2: Jiya Shankar is the New Captain of This Week in BB House!

Following her achievement in the Buzzer Task, Jiya Shankar has been elected the new captain of BiggBoss OTT season 2.

Bigg Boss entered and gave the contestants another challenge by shouting SATTA PALAT. Housemates in particular must press the buzzer and toss the Dummy of the person in the poll who they do not want to be captain. Sanchalak has been assigned to Jad Hadid. Abhishek Malhan was granted three chances in a row and denied Bebika, Falaq, and Cyrus the opportunity to become captain. When the time arose, Avinash quickly dethroned Abhishek Malhan for the next captaincy competition by announcing, “Satta Palat.”

Bigg Boss OTT 2

Housemates complained that the task was unfair because Abhishek was 6’3 tall. But he pressed the trigger again, throwing Avinash’s fake into the sea. In the next round, Avinash hit the buzzer, culminating in a fight between Avinash and Abhishek, but Jad chose Avinash’s name.

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Avinash threw Manisha’s dummy into the pool. The opportunity was then provided to Jiya Shankar and Pooja Bhatt. No other contestant is permitted to press the buzzer. The last buzzer was pressed by Avinash Sachdev. Shockingly! He fired Pooja Bhatt’s dummy and replaced her with Jiya Shankar as captain. His actions indicated his friendship. Jiya took her time and found herself in a perilous situation. Jiya saved herself by nominating Pooja Bhatt instead.

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