Bigg Boss OTT 2: Aaliya, Akansha and Bebika is in Jail in BB House!

Bigg Boss OTT 2: The morning Bigg Boss song started the show, and the housemates started dancing to it. Cyrus called Bebika and told her to spend the whole day with him because he wants to be around people who are happy.

Someone put their things on Avinash’s towel, which makes him angry. Cyrus and Pooja talk about Bebika’s anger and outspokenness, and they both agree that she is a nice girl.

Palak told Pooja that she wants to get along with Avinash but can’t because he is always rude. Pooja told her that it’s not easy because they have their own problems, and that she should just let it go.

Akansha cries in the kitchen and says that she doesn’t like it when people have to make deals about food. Housemates tell her that it’s not her fault and there’s nothing she can do about it. After that, she was seen dancing and having fun in the yard.

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Bebika is upset and says that everyone is out to get her. Manisha told her that people pick on her because she is strong. Bigg Boss told the housemates to meet in the area where they do activities. Bigg Boss made a fake alert message appear on the screen. He mocked Akansha for being fake. Bigg Boss told Akansha that she had seen her crying for food and dancing in the yard at the same time.

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Aaliya, Akansha and Bebika is in BB House

Bigg Boss told the other people in the house to applaud Akansha’s fake tears. Later, Bigg Boss said that a new part of the house, called the “Jail,” would open. Bigg Boss also said that both the housemates and the viewers have to say the names of the contestants they want to send to jail. If both the crowd and the contestants agree, the prize money will go up. If they don’t, the prize money will stay the same.

After each person named two fake people in the house, Falak said that most of the housemates thought Bebika and Akansha were the fakest people and should go to jail.

Falak was told by Bigg Boss that she has a special skill and can send one contestant to jail. Falak said that Aaliya would be sent to jail by her. Bigg Boss said that Aaliyah, Bebika, and Akansha will stay in jail until he says something else.

Bigg Boss also said that the public has a different opinion about the fake contestants than the housemates do, so the prize money has gone down to zero.

Falak told the contestants what the jail rules were, then let Aaliya, Bebika, and Akansha in. Falak told Manisha that she shouldn’t make fun of Jad because he’s sensitive and hurts easily. Manisha said that she likes Jad, which is why she makes fun of him.

Bigg Boss OTT 2: Aaliya, Akansha and Bebika is in BB House

Pooja stood up for Manisha and told the other housemates that Manisha didn’t mean to belittle Jad and had a good heart. Housemates jumped on Manisha, which made her cry. She said that people laugh at her and call her stupid. Manisha said that she has a lot of ability and is very good at the Bigg Boss game. Pooja told him, “I know you’re not dumb, so don’t bother.”

Jad gave Mainsha a hug and told her, “I’m not mad at you.” Manisha said that Pagla doesn’t mean crazy, and if you think I’m annoying, we won’t talk. Pooja stood up for Manisha and told Jad that it’s because Manisha likes him that she teases him.

Pooja told Palak and Jia that they shouldn’t be rude to Manisha because she is much more grown-up than they are. Pooja told Palak that she shouldn’t feel better than Manisha just because she is from a small place. Palak doesn’t have ease, Pooja told her. Both of them fought very hard.

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After getting into a fight with Pooja, Palak cried. Jia tried to cheer her up by telling her that Pooja had also jumped on her, so she shouldn’t worry. Jia said that we won’t be overpowered just because we were not from a small town.

Avinash told Manisha why he was mad and told her that he doesn’t have anything against her. Manisha said that she has no problem with him either.

Manisha praised Jad for leaving his country and people to come to Bigg Boss. Jad said that he is just enjoying life. Bebika and Aaliyah had a fight about Jad, and then they started making fun of each other. Bebika told Jad that if he doesn’t understand the game, he should talk to Bigg Boss.

People could hear Palak, Jia, Avinash, and Abhishek talking about Pooja behind her back. Abhishek said that Pooja acts like a school director, which is what Palak said about her.

Aaliya asked Palak to tell the story of her and Avinash. She told the whole story and said that we broke up because of some things we couldn’t change.

Bigg Boss said that there was enough food for two days in the store room, and the housemates were happy and said it was party night. The show was over.

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