Bigg Boss 17: A Star-Studded Season with Soniya Bansal and Rinku Dhawan

Soniya Bansal and Rinku Dhawan are set to join Bigg Boss 17, currently in production. For updates, check out Bigflix.

Bigg Boss 17 Kicks Off

In celebration of its 17th year, ‘Bigg Boss 17’ boasts 17 contestants, including three couples and 11 singles. The show, set to air on Colors TV from October 15, features familiar names and fresh faces. Notably, model and actress Soniya Bansal has joined the fray, known for her bold demeanor and unique accent.

Her sudden departure for the show’s shoot in Mumbai Film City surprised many, signaling her readiness for the reality TV challenge. Alongside 14 others, she gears up for the competition, promising an engaging season for viewers. Stay tuned for the drama and excitement unfolding in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

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Rinku Dhawan’s New Journey Unfolds

Popular TV actress Rinku Dhawan, known for her role as Chanchal in ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii,’ has entered the Bigg Boss 17 house. Formerly occupied with the TV show ‘Titli,’ Rinku shared the news of her participation, receiving good wishes from her ‘Titli’ cast. Rinku made headlines when she married her on-screen brother, Kiran Karmarkar, from the same series.

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They separated after 15 years in 2017, and she has been raising her son as a single mother since. Playing morally complex characters, Rinku brings her versatile acting skills to ‘Titli’ and will now navigate the dynamics between singles and couples in Bigg Boss 17, promising an intriguing presence on the reality show.

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