Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023: Malishka Blames Lakshmi for Complicating Many People’s Lives!

Bhagya Lakshmi is an Indian television drama series in Hindi. The chief directs Lakshmi to meet Dayasagar as instructed. Rishi learns about the threat to Lakshmi’s life and asks Malishka to accompany him home after she finishes her meal, so he can see Lakshmi. Malishka feels enraged as she realizes the disaster he is about to face.

The goons inform Shalu that their master has orchestrated the situation so that only the people perish while their gang remains safe. Shalu chastises him. Rishi arrives at the ministry office and informs the employee that he has an appointment with Minister Dayasagar.

The man feels concerned since Rishi has detected Lakshmi’s distress. Malishka returns home and informs her that Rishi has left her at the Dhaba to meet Lakshmi. When Neelam learns of this, she becomes concerned and expresses her dissatisfaction. She claims Rishi went to Lakshmi and wishes to die.

Malishka becomes dubious of her remarks and wonders what Neelam is keeping from her regarding Lakshmi. Continue reading for a brief written update on Bhagya Lakshmi for April 25th, 2023. Disha informs Arjun in another scenario that he didn’t waste time making Nia wear the ring.

Arjun accuses her of lying and tells her that she despises him and that he will try to despise her in return. When she leaves, she asks him to put an end to the drama. He holds her accountable for her errors and reminds her that she told Nia in front of him that she is only exploiting him for his money.

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023: Malishka Blames Lakshmi for Complicating Many People's Lives!

He wonders how he can remain calm in the face of the truth. She begs him not to pass judgment and dives to the ledge. Arjun saves her life by holding her hand and keeping her from falling. Disha confesses that she wanted to see if love could triumph over hatred and is relieved that he does.

Aparajita stands back and informs them that she cannot go against Nia. She goes on to say that their love story ends here, and Arjun sobs. Nia congratulates herself on her victory against Arjun, and Aparajita bestows her blessings.

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Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023: Malishka Blames Lakshmi for Complicating Many People’s Lives!

Nia admits that she and Arjun are genuinely in love, but she lies to Aparajita about it. Aparajita tells her to make the right decision and not to follow in Mohini’s footsteps. Nia is warned by Aparajita that she cannot steal Arjun from Disha and earn his heart.

Meanwhile, Rishi is congratulated by the girl’s father for protecting Lakshmi, and he wonders if the incident indicates that Lakshmi is in danger. Malishka questions Rishi about what happened, but he advises her to go home and eat. He’s determined to find out if Lakshmi is all right.

Lakshmi begs the chief not to endanger innocent lives, but he threatens her, saying she would be held accountable for any deaths. Minister Dayasagar promises to expose the businessman involved in money laundering and smuggling and warns that he will not spare anyone implicated in wrongdoing.

He intends to bring the perpetrator to justice and expose his heinous actions. Shalu warns the goons to be ashamed, but they insist their boss’s scheme is foolproof. Lakshmi recalls a conversation with Rishi that inspires her to remain calm and find a solution. She chooses to battle the chief with her inner strength and meets with Dayasagar.

The chief also wants to open a poor people’s school, but several ministers are opposing him. Dayasagar offers to look into it and assist her. He asks Lakshmi to wait while he attends the oath ceremony. Rishi arrives, asking for Lakshmi, and the guy misidentifies him as the leader. Malishka waits for her automobile, irritated that Rishi has gone to Lakshmi.

The girl’s parents notice her and try to figure out what’s wrong with her. Malishka misbehaves with them and abandons them. Neelam awaits word on Lakshmi and believes Rishi will go to any length for her. Virender approaches her and inquires about the situation, sensing that it is related to Lakshmi.

Bhagya Lakshmi 25th April 2023: Malishka Blames Lakshmi for Complicating Many People's Lives!

When Vikrant and Saloni encounter Malishka, she blames Lakshmi for complicating many people’s lives. Chief Badru is determined to assassinate the minister at any cost and assigns the responsibility to his friend Yug. Yug, on the other hand, assures him that they discovered nothing in the minister’s residence and that he has evidence against them.

Badru assures him that he will manage the problem and orders him to assassinate Dayasagar. Dayasagar expresses gratitude to his Guru and a reporter for their assistance in exposing the truth, promising to give Guru Dakshina for their assistance.

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