Unveiling the Top 10 Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc!

When it comes to motorcycles, most people don’t know where to begin. They have no idea what kind of bike to buy or what possibilities are available to them on the market. They invariably make rash decisions, and the majority of them have a bad first experience owning a motorcycle.

This generates a nasty word for the aforementioned bike. While, in all honesty, the bad experience stems from a lack of knowledge about the industry, the budget, the style of your first motorcycle, and so on.

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

This thorough list of the finest beginner motorcycles under 500cc should get you started on your motorbike adventure. Royal Enfield, KTM, Honda, Benelli, and Yamaha all have offerings for you, so let’s get started.

10. Royal Enfield Hunter 350

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is less than 350cc. Similar to other entry-level RE offerings, these bicycles are not particularly well-known for their power, but their overall value propels their sales. Its engine is based on Enfield’s brand-new J series platform and is rated at approximately 20 horsepower and 19 pound-feet of torque.

9. Benelli TRK 502X

Since 2005, when QJ Motors, a Chinese company, assumed control of Benelli, the company’s products and global sales have undergone a complete overhaul.

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

The TRK 502 series has experienced the highest sales in its native Italy, where it was designed and manufactured. It is a fairly robust adventure motorcycle for a 500cc engine, which is not inherently a bad thing.

8. BMW G 310 R

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

BMW offers a genuinely impressive variety of motorcycles for all market segments. So much so that it is easy to overlook its entry-level 310 models, which feature a lightweight 313cc single-cylinder engine with 34 horsepower and 20.6 pound-feet of torque. The entry-level model is an excellent starting point for BMW brand enthusiasts.

7. Benelli Leoncino 500

If you’ve always desired to own a scrambler, the Leocino is an excellent first bike. It has the same engine as the TRK, but it fits better on this vehicle.

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

This could be due to the item’s reduced center of gravity, but we’re not complaining. Inverted individuals at the front and an adjustable mono-shock at the rear create a travel distance of 4.9 inches. There are 17-inch wheels, digital instrumentation, and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) on this 500cc.

6. Husqvarna Svartpilen

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

Husqvarna has built itself as one of the most dependable brands on the market today because of Norden. Has this filtered down to Svartpilen’s lower displacement? It’s difficult to give a definitive response. It is powered by a 373cc single-cylinder engine that produces 44 horsepower and 27 pound-feet of peak torque.

5. Royal Enfield Himalayan

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

Yes, the Royal Enfield 411 platform has resulted in heavy bikes, as have the majority of their other products. Yes, the gearing is a little clumsy, and it appears to be lacking in power. But there’s something about the Himalayan 411 that makes it so much pleasure to ride.

4. Yamaha YZF-R3

The MT-03 is Yamaha’s innovative MT lineup’s younger sibling. It is powered by a 321cc twin-cylinder engine that produces 37 horsepower and 20 pound-feet of peak torque.

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

The identical arrangement is used on the company’s smallest supersport, the YZF-R3. The YZF-R3 has friendly track manners for inexperienced riders, and at about $5,000, it represents outstanding value for money.

3. Honda CRF 300L Rally

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

You’ve probably seen these in the hands of adventurers and light backcountry riders. The CRF300L Rally is one of today’s most adaptable motorcycles, if not the most versatile.

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While it isn’t designed to eat up miles, it can do it with reasonable ease, and when the road is worn down, the true potential of this bike is revealed.

2. KTM 390

The lighter KTMs have no chance of missing out on this list. After all, the 390 platform from Austria is one of the most powerful in the entry-level category. It’s also the basis for the 401 Husky.

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

The Duke 390 is largely considered one of the market’s greatest lightweight supermotos. The 44-horsepower engine provides quick acceleration, and the bike’s overall weight of 328.5 pounds makes it feel light.

1. Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel 500 is the greatest beginning motorcycle under 500cc in our opinion. It has a 471cc twin engine with 47 horsepower and 32 pound-feet of torque.

Best Beginner Motorcycles Under 500cc

And if there’s one thing you can count on with this Honda engine, it’s dependability. Aside from the engine, the bike is a true representation of style, power, and versatility.

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