Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap and Where to Watch

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Release Date: Behind Your Touch, which first came out on August 12, 2023, is one of the most popular South Korean TV shows. This show became very famous after just a few episodes, so much so that it now has a new season. Yes! Behind Your Touch Season 1 has finally started, and a few shows have already been shown.

Fans are so impressed with this show that after the last episode came out, they couldn’t wait to find out when Behind Your Touch Season 1 Episode 9 would come out. When will show 9, the next show, be out? Well, the estimated date for the release of Behind Your Touch Episode 9 is September 9, 2023.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Release Date

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Release Date

On September 9, 2023, Netflix will have Behind Your Touch Episode 9. The normal time of release is 3:00 p.m. (BST), but this can change. We don’t think the plan will change yet, but that does happen sometimes in the world of K-dramas. Each show runs for about 60 minutes.

Where to Watch Behind Your Touch Episode 9?

With a Netflix account, anyone in the world can watch Behind Your Touch Episode 9 at the above times and dates. South Koreans can watch the show on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST) if they don’t want to wait for it to come out on Netflix.

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Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Spoilers

Ye-boon will tell Jang-yeol in the next show that there is another psychic in Mujin. She will explain that Gwang-sik saw a strange person standing near them during the meteor shower when she thought about it. Jang-Yeol tells her to be careful with everyone who touches her because the killer knows that both she and Gwang-sik are psychic.

There will be another murder, and the cops will be upset. More signs about the killer will slowly come out, but since there are so many characters in the series, it won’t be possible to figure out who did it. In this episode, Sun-woo’s strange moves will be shown more and more to show how bad he is. Ye-boon will meet the serial killer. He might not see the killer’s face, but he will see something dangerous. Jang-Yeol will save her in time, thank goodness.

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Cast Members

The people who play the roles in “Behind Your Touch” are all very good at what they do. Some of the most important actors are:

Behind Your Touch Episode 9 Release Date

  • Han Ji-min as Bong Ye-bun
  • Lee Min-ki as Moon Jang-yeol
  • Suho as Kim Seon-woo
  • Joo Min-kyung as Bae Ok-hee
  • Yang Jae-seong as Jung Eui-hwan
  • Park Seong-yeon as Jung Hyeon-ok

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What Happened in Behind Your Touch Episode 8?

In the most recent episodes of “Behind Your Touch,” after Jang-Yeol ignores her, Ye-bun takes things into her own hands. She goes on an unpredictable quest to find the truth because she’s determined to do so, which confuses people who think of her as special. Jang-Yeol sees that Ye-bun’s skills have potential, so he decides to put her through a tough training session to get her ready for the next important case.

Jang-Yeol wants to push Ye-bun to her limits to make her stronger and give her more power. But after a hard session of strength training, Ye-bun sees that her skills are getting worse. The team is confused by how quickly things have changed, and they don’t know what could have caused Ye-bun’s skills to change so much. As the story develops, viewers can’t wait for the next shows to find out what’s going on with Ye-bun and why his skills are disappearing.


Behind Your Touch, a popular South Korean TV show, has a new season starting on September 9, 2023. The show follows Ye-boon, a psychic, who warns Jang-Yeol about another psychic in Mujin. The show features a murder, a police investigation, and the mysterious actions of Sun-woo. The cast includes Han Ji-min as Bong Ye-bun, Lee Min-ki as Moon Jang-Yeol, Suho as Kim Seon-woo, Joo Min-kyung as Bae Ok-hee, Yang Jae-Seong as Jung Eui-hwan, and Park Seong-yeon as Jung Hyeon-ok. The show’s cast members are known for their performances.

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