Bed Friend Season 2 Release Date: Where To Watch the Series?

The Thai BL (Boys’ Love) drama market has experienced substantial excitement since the release of “Bed Friend” in February 2023. Due to the best plot and superb cast, it has been gaining popularity among fans all around the world.

The fate of the program, whether it will be canceled or renewed for a second season is anxiously anticipated by viewers. This article will cover the plot of Bed Friend: The Series, the planned date and time for season 2, and any other confirmation-related news.

Overview About Bed Friend Season 2

Category Status
Web Series Name Bed Friend
Season 2 On Shooting
Director Cheewin Thanamin, Wongskulphat
Writer Jungjing Wanna, Kortunyavat
Cast Supamongkon Wongwisut, Yim Pharinyakorn Khansawa
Genre Romance
Country Origin Thailand
Origin Language Thailand
Available Language Thai, English
Season 2 Release Date NA
Original Network GMM One

What Is The Release Date Of Bed Friend Season 2?

The showrunner, creator, or production company has not yet made any public statements confirming the show’s renewal for a second season. The crowd’s passionate response and the display’s increasing popularity, however, indicate that renewal is required.

The wonderful cast and captivating plot have gained fans from all over the world, therefore it would be tragic if the show were to end. Soon, we should get a formal announcement.

On the other hand, fans are hopeful for renewal and anticipate the start of the new season in the first half of 2024. A formal announcement might be made, in which case I will update all the posts.

Bed Friend Season 2 Storyline

The story of King and Uea, two coworkers who become close and eventually fall in love, is told in Bed Friend in the Series. The show investigates how they managed their love in a traditional business and culture. Along with their love story, the program addresses significant social issues like homophobia, family dysfunction, and workplace harassment.

In the most recent episode, tensions between King and Uea intensify as they deal with workplace challenges like a predatory boss and deadline pressure. Uea gets into arguments with his mother and stepfather because of resurfacing trauma from his past. Devoted coworker Jade works to help Uea and keep things in order at work in the interim.

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Main Character Or Cast In Bed Friend Season 2

In Thailand, many people like watching the popular show Bad Friend. It has Raja and Uya as the two main characters. Jade works with Raja and Uea, who are also close friends. Uea is different from Raja, but they are still great friends. People are eagerly anticipating the second season because the first one concluded on such an exhilarating note.

Bed Friend season 2 (1)

The principal actor for the upcoming season is still unknown. Some people believe that new characters might be introduced, while others believe Raja and UEA should take the stage. However, many viewers genuinely adore the program and can’t wait for the upcoming season.

Fans are eagerly awaiting updates and announcements since there has to be more information made accessible about the cast and characters of Bed Friend Season Two in the series. Follow the table below.

Cast Character
Supamongkon Wongwisut Uea
Manithikun King Kunakorn
Yim Pharinyakorn Jade

Expected Release Of The Bed Friend Season 2 Trailer

Bed Buddy The anticipated release of the season two trailer for The Series is an imminent event that viewers are looking forward to. The trailer’s official release date has not been announced by the production team yet.

Watch Here: Official Trailer of Bed Friend on Youtube 

However, a few weeks before the scheduled release, fans can anticipate a teaser or trailer. Check out the season 1 trailer that is currently online. Even season two will come soon.

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Ratings & Reviews For Bed Friend Season 2

Bed Buddy The audience has given the series favorable scores and reviews. The show has received accolades for its compelling plot, likable characters, and solid acting. It has also been praised for the chemistry between the two major actors, Siraphop Manithikhun and Supamongkon Wongwisut. Based on 19,866 ratings, the show has a 7.9/10 rating on MyDramaList.

Watching this series has been pretty upsetting. Sure, the seemingly endless bedroom scenes could catch some people’s attention, but they quickly grow stale. The scenes where Uea is abused by his “uncle,” beaten by his mother, tortured by his mother by being locked in a bathroom for hours while he tears, or has his ex attempt to rape him are scenes that I find to be quite distressing.

These details might be essential to the plot, but they might have been revealed in discussion rather than visually on screen. I reject watching any television program that uses violent incidents to fill airtime because I think these behaviors have no place in modern society.

Where Can I Watch Season 2 Of Bed Friend?

Bed Buddy Since its premiere in 2023, the well-liked dark fantasy K-Drama series The Series has gained a sizable fan base. The second season of the television series, which was revealed in early 2024, has been eagerly anticipated by viewers.

There are numerous platforms where people can watch the new season even though the precise release date has not yet been determined. The most well-liked choice is the Mandee YouTube channel, a K-Drama-specific streaming platform.

FAQs [ Related To Bed Friend Season 2 ]

1- Where can you watch Season 2 of Bed Friend?

         Season 2 is available on the Mandee YouTube channel.

2- Is Season 2 of Bed Friend renewed?

       No, there isn’t any verified information about its renewal. A renewal is

       unlikely because it is a limited series.

3- How many Bed-Friend season two episodes?

        The quantity of Bed Friend episodes Although the second season of the series

        has not yet been confirmed.

4- Is Bed Friend Season 2 on Netflix?

        Bed Friend series is not available on Netflix.

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The superbly crafted and expertly delivered television series Bed Friend: The Series examines a range of issues and concepts that are crucial to modern society. Positive ratings and evaluations of the program have come from the audience.

Therefore, it is unquestionably worthwhile to watch. The second season will pick up where the first one did and will focus on the effects of Uea’s resignation as well as the challenges the characters are dealing with. The overall quality of the show makes it a must-watch for everyone who enjoys a good drama with likable characters and compelling storylines.

If you liked the first season more and more, give authentic feedback. If you have any questions in your mind then write in the comment section below at

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