Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date: Expectations From Bandish Bandits Upcoming Season!

Bandish Bandits is an Indian romantic musical story that has won many people’s hearts. Season 1 of Bnadish Bandits came out on Amazon Prime on August 4, 2020. It had 10 episodes, and each one had a great story, good conversation, and songs that were big hits.

Fans all over India have loved how well the two main characters get along, and they can’t wait for a second season of the show to come out. Well, don’t worry, because the main characters of the show are here to help. Read the whole piece to find out everything you need to know about the renewal of the popular show.

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to wait any longer. The popular musical-romantic drama has been officially picked up for a second season, but we don’t know when it will come out. The next season is likely to come out at the end of 2023.

In an exclusive interview, the actor who played Radhe in the hit musical-romantic show Ritwik Bhowmik talked about his new show, Whistleblower, and hinted at the other projects he was working on. When asked if he was talking about the highly anticipated second season of Bandish Bandits, the star said, “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”

Where to Watch Bandish Bandits Season 2?

Since it’s not clear when season 2 of the musical drama will come out, we don’t know if it will be available to watch. But it will be shown on Prime, which is where Season 1 of the show is shown.

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date

Before Season 2 comes out, you can watch Season 1 of Bandish Bandits on Amazon Prime. There are 10 episodes, and each one lasts between 30 and 50 minutes.

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What to Expect From Bandish Bandits Season 2? (Spoilers)

The end of season one of Bandish Bandits was both sad and happy. First, let’s talk about the main plot of the first season. It’s about a boy named Radhe, who is a musical genius in traditional Indian music. He meets Tammana, who is a pop YouTube star who has a lot of fans.

The two came from different kinds of music, and the show is about how they get along and how much they love music. It looks at how classical music singers are doing in India and how people feel about music.

Digvjay told Radhe that the race wasn’t over yet, and Tammana just left Radhe without saying anything. So, season 2 will probably focus on the bond between the two main characters, how they both grow as musicians, and the story of Mohni, Radhe’s mother, who once beat Pandit Ji.

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Story

Now, we don’t know what will happen in season 2 of Bandish Bandits, but we can guess that the relationship between Tamanna and Radhe will continue. But it will be more interesting to see what new ideas Digvijaya comes up with to become the next Rathod family leader. Fans think that the story of Radhe’s mother Mohini, who once beat Pandit Ji, could be told in song.

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Release Date

The general analysis leads us to believe that the second season will have a great plot, and we hope that it will keep the audience as interested as the first season did.

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Bandish Bandits Season 2 Cast Members

So far, there has been no official announcement about who will be in the series. We can expect that the same players from the last season will be back for the next one,

Bandish Bandits Season 2 Trailer Update

At the moment, there is no trailer for Season 2 of Bandish Bandits because filming has just started. Official sources say that we can expect a trailer in the year 2023. We’ll keep you up to date on everything you need to know about Season 2 of the show.


Bandish Bandits, an Indian romantic musical drama, has been renewed for a second season. The show, which aired on Amazon Prime in 2020, follows the bond between a boy named Radhe and a pop YouTube star named Tammana. The second season is expected to release at the end of 2023. The cast includes Ritwik Bhowmik, Shreya Chaudhry, Naseeruddin Shah, Atul Kulkarni, and Kunaal Roy Kapur. The second season is expected to have a great plot and keep the audience interested.

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