Avalon Technologies Limited IPO: Lot Size, Share Price, Click Here to Know

Looking to invest in the stock market? Find out all the important details about the Avalon Technologies IPO including the IPO dates, GMP, lot size, share price, and allotment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and act quickly.

Avalon Technologies Limited

Avalon Technologies is a company that makes things. Its main focus is on making electronic materials. They have been in business since 1999 and are known all over the world for their excellent product delivery. Beginning on April 3, the public will be able to access the company’s IPO Allotment form.

The article below contains all the information you need to know about the IPO. Before making any investment decisions, we advise you to read the whole article. On specific dates, the Lots will become available.

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Avalon Technologies Limited IPO GMP

Avalon Technologies Limited IPO: Lot Size, Share Price, Click Here to Know

Since the last update, Avalon’s IPO GMP has gone up by 12 rupees. At 3:47 p.m. on March 30, 2023, the GMP was worked out. The IPO will cost 448 rupees in the end. The expected gain or loss is +/- 2.75 percent. Here is a full list of all 10 days of the GMP performance.

GMP Date  GMP (Rs.)
27-03-2023 24+
26-03-2023 0-
25-03-2023 0-
24-03-2023 0-
30-03-2023 12-
29-03-2023 15-
28-03-2023 26+

The Grey Market Performance is shown in the table above. Based on this trend, the table below shows all the information about Avalon Technologies Limited IPO.

IPO Date 3 April to 6 April
Face Value  2 Rs. per Share
Share Price 415 to 436 Rs. Per Share
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Listing At BSE, NSE
Total Shared Offered Not more than 75% of the offer
Lot Size 34
Fresh Issue 7339450 Shares

Before investing in the company, you should examine every detail, as incomplete information poses a danger of financial loss.

Avalon Technologies Limited Lot Size

Avalon Ltd. has been consistently profitable each year, as can be seen from the trends outlined in the article. The company offers a minimum lot size, making it easy for investors to purchase shares with a minimum value of 14,824 INR. The full list of lot sizes is provided below.

Particulars  Shares Lots Amount
S-HNI Min. 476 14 207536
S-HNI Max. 2278 67 993208
B-HNI Min. 2312 68 1008032
Minimum Retail 34 1 14824
Maximum Retail 442 13 192712
Before you buy any shares, you should find out as much as you can about the lot you are interested in. The stock market is not a surefire way to make money because it depends on how well a company does financially and how much competition there is. If you are just getting started with digital investing, Avalon Ltd. could be a good choice.

Avalon Technologies Limited Share Price

Avalon Technology Ltd has released a statement regarding the price range of its shares. As of, March 29th, the IPO Band price has been fixed between 415 and 436 Rupees.

The IPO bidding will be open to the public from April 3rd and closed on April 6th, 2023. Bidding is limited to this time frame. The company’s revenue is currently at 865 crores INR.

  • The company has the option of paying back all the money it borrowed early or all at once.
  • The company has a number of overarching corporate goals.
  • The main thing the company does is raise money, as that is what it needs most. In other words, they are reducing their market share.
 “The majority of the shares of the company are held by the company’s head, amounting to 51.24%, while the remaining shares are held by various members and the IPO. If you are considering investing in Avalon, it is important to be aware of the issues faced by the company, which are outlined above.”

Allotment for Avalon Technologies Limited

The companies will be able to choose their allotment dates starting on March 31. The company will announce the time. They have already set a time for the allotment, so it is not available right now. Check the table below for the dates of the allocation:

Events  Date
Basis of Allotment 12-04-2023
Initiations of Refunds 13-04-2023
Credits of Shares to Demat 17-04-2023
Listing Date 18-04-2023
Opening Date 3-04-2023
Closing Date 6-04-2023

The graph for Avalon’s growth shows neutral points, making it a risky buy at this time. If there is a recession and the stock prices don’t go up, your investment might not give you a lot of money back. Reviewers don’t think now is a good time to buy shares. The IPO meter has all the information you need.

Avalon Technologies Limited IPO: Lot Size, Share Price, Click Here to Know


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