Why Did Ava Max Slap by a Fan Onstage During Los Angeles Concert? She Suffers Scratch Inside Eye!

On Tuesday, singer Ava Max was slapped onstage during her show in Los Angeles. This was a shocking turn of events. A fan walked up to the stage and hit the pop star in the face before security pulled him away.

A video of what happened is going popular on social media right now. Max, meanwhile, wrote about the situation on Twitter. People are worried about the performers’ safety because just two days ago, singer Bebe Rexha was attacked with a cell phone at her show in New York City.

Ava Max Slapped Onstage During Los Angeles Concert

On June 20, the incident happened as Max was about to finish her last song at the show. A clip from the event shows a man slapping the Ghost singer in the face as she moves away and closes her eye. The attacker was then taken away by security guards right away.

Ava Max Slap by a Fan Onstage During Los Angeles Concert

Max, on the other hand, chose to keep going with the show and even met her fans afterward. Later, she talked about what happened on Twitter and said she got a scratch on her eye.

“He smacked me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He will never go to another show again. “But thank you to the fans in LA for being amazing tonight!” The writer, who was 29 years old, wrote.

Eye Witnesses Tell About What Happened

A couple of people who went to the show told me what happened on stage. Joel Rangel, who came from Arizona to see the show, said, “She was finishing the show with her song “The Motto,” and a fan just ran and jumped on the left side of the stage.”

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“When he jumped on stage, some of the lights fell to the floor, and he ran toward Ava with his arms wide open, like he was going to hug her. But security ran and grabbed him, and just as they did, she turned around and his arm hit her in the face. Joel also said that the meet-and-greet almost didn’t happen, but Max chose to keep it going.

Ava Max Slap by a Fan Onstage During Los Angeles Concert

He added, “She had to wear sunglasses and was confused and dazed, so it was sad to have to talk to her that way.” Cory Larrabee, another person in the crowd, said, “The security guard grabbed him and actually THREW him down the stairs. Wild!!! So quickly, it happened.”

Sunday, Bebe Rexha Was Hit by a Cell Phone.

Max got hit around the same time that a man was charged with attacking singer Bebe Rexha by throwing a cell phone at her. Someone in the crowd threw a phone at the pop star while she was performing at Pier 17 in New York on Sunday night. It hit her in the head.

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Rexha fell down on stage and had to be rushed to the hospital, where she needed stitches on her face. Later, Nicolas Malvagna, 27, was found to be the one who hit the singer on purpose. He was charged with third-degree violence and harassing someone in a very bad way.

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