Get Ready for Romance Fantasy: Ashtarte Chapter 51 Release Date and Spoilers!

Ashtarte is one of the most popular manhwa series to come out in recent months, and fans from all over the world can’t wait for Chapter 51 to come out. Millions of people all over the world love Ashtarte because of its unique story, interesting group of characters, and stunning cinematography.

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Ashtarte Chapter 51 Release Date, including what to expect from the next episode and other important details.

Ashtarte Chapter 51: Quick Information

Name Ashtarte
Chapter 51
Genre Romance
Release Date May 28, 2023
Where to Read TappyToon2

What is Ashtarte All About?

Ashtarte is a famous manhwa series that tells the story of Princess Ashtarte, a girl with black hair who is rejected by her family because they believe she is the darkness that will bring down the Firenze Empire as foretold in a prophecy. She learns magic to find love and acceptance. One day, she accidentally teleports to a strange place where she meets Abelion Elforman, a boy in chains who is haunted by his past. They go on a trip together to change their lives and bring light to their world.

Ashtarte Chapter 51 Release Date


Kun writes and draws the series, which has been released as a series on TappyToon since February 2023. It has a very interesting story, beautiful art, and personalities that people like. The most recent chapter came out on May 14, 2023. It was chapter 50, and it ended with a cliffhanger. So, when will we get the next chapter? What’s going to happen? And where on the web can you read it? Here are all the facts about Ashtarte Chapter 51 that you need to know. Stay in touch with to find the answers to all your queries.

Ashtarte Chapter 51 Release Date

The good news is that you won’t have to wait too long for the next part of Ashtarte. According to OtakuKart1, Ashtarte Chapter 51 is set to come out on May 28, 2023. The series usually adds a new part every Saturday, so you can look for the next one on that day.

What to Expect in Ashtarte Chapter 51?

In the last chapter of Ashtarte, the focus was on the messenger from Nohaiz, a small kingdom on the Eastern Continent that has been at war with Firenze and Cellos for the past three years. Surprisingly, Nohaiz has asked Florence for a peace treaty, and Elforman, the hero of the war who is known for his beauty and skill, is part of the mission.

Ashtarte wants to see Elforman, so she sneaks out of her room to do so. She meets Morgan, who is also a lady and a friend. Morgan also wants to see Elforman. They dress up as maids and get close to him that way. But when they see that Elforman looks just like Abelion, except with silver hair and red eyes, they are shocked.

Ashtarte is shocked by how much they look alike and starts to wonder if Elforman is connected to Abelion in some way. She also has an odd feeling about him and sees that he seems to be looking at her too. Morgan stops her from going up to him and tells her it’s too risky. Before they get caught, they decide to leave.

Ashtarte Chapter 51 Release Date

Abelion, on the other hand, is still in his cell, waiting for Ashtarte to return. He remembers how they met and how she helped him get away from the people who were holding him. He also remembers how they went together and had to deal with many enemies and dangers along the way. He understands that he loves her and hopes that she feels the same way.

What’s going to happen in Chapter 51 of Ashtarte? Ashtarte and Abelion may get back together. What’s the story about who Elforman is? And how will the peace pact between Nohaiz and Florence turn out? To find out, you will have to wait until May 28, 2023.

Spoilers for Ashtarte Chapter 51

At the same time, Morgan shocks them by saying that she has heard that Elforman is as beautiful as Lord Isaiah. With this, Ashtarte thinks she’s really happy because she doesn’t have to think about other people and can spend the whole day smiling, but when we go back to the present, she’s crying and asking why people keep dumping their feelings on her against her will.

Where to Read Ashtarte Chapter 51?

Ashtarte can be read online at the main site for the series, TappyToon2. To get into the chapters, you will need coins or tokens, which you can buy or earn by doing chores or watching ads. During certain events or promotions, you can also read some pages for free.

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