Arjun Chakravarthy Movie OTT Release Date: OTT Platform, Story and Trailer

Arjun Chakravarthy Movie OTT Release Date: The Arjun Chakravarthy movie is set to come out in theaters on January 19, 2024. Indians love cricket more than any other sport, and a lot of movies have been set in cricket-themed worlds. But not many games are as well-known as cricket. Kabaddi is the most overlooked sport, and not many movies are set in its world. Well, the first look at the new movie “Arjun Chakravarthy,” which is set in the world of Kabaddi, has been making quite a splash.

The biography Arjun Chakravarthy is about a hero who didn’t get much attention in the 1980s but had a big effect on Kabaddi. At first glance, it looks interesting, and the poster has writing that says, “Arjun Chakravarthy’s impact on Indian Kabaddi is similar to Kapil Dev’s impact on Indian cricket in the 1980s.” This shows how important he is in the world of Indian sports.

The story of Arjun Chakravarthy is sure to be inspiring, and Vijay Rama Raju plays the lead part in this movie. In this movie, Sija Rose will be shown as a woman. This movie has a lot of interesting faces, and soon we’ll know all of their names. Technically, Arjun Chakravarthy will be great. The music will be by Vignesh Baskaran, and the movie will be shot by Jagadeesh Cheekati. Still, no one knows when the movie will come out, so stay tuned for a while longer to learn more about it.

Arjun Chakravarthy Movie OTT Release Date

The makers of the movie have not yet released details about Arjun Chakravarthy’s digital rights. The movie is set to come out on January 19, 2024. There isn’t much known about Vijay Rama Raju before this movie, but he plays the lead part. But he was in a movie called “Atharva,” which was his first movie. This is a great chance for new actors to get the difficult part. To become Arjun Chakravarthy, Vijay Rama Raju changed into a different person.

He seems very sure of himself and excited about this movie. Let’s hope it does well and gets him more offers. Vijaya Rama Raju stands in front of the mic and holds an award for the first picture of Arjun Chakravarthy who looks cool. Let’s see how people react to this movie. Talking about the OTT release date for Arjun Chakravarthy, which the creators haven’t said yet.

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Arjun Chakravarthy Movie OTT Platform

Arjun Chakravarthy Movie OTT Release Date

The music for this movie was written by Vignesh Baskaran. He wrote the music for the short film “Mama Jeevana Hethuna.” Jagadeesh Cheekati was in charge of the camera for this movie. He is one of the most underrated film directors in Telugu. He has worked on movies like Murder, Joharu, and Chor Bazaar. Besides Arjun Chakravarthy, he is looking for Kotabommali to come out. When it comes to Arjun Chakravarthy’s internet rights, there isn’t any information out there right now.

What is the Story of Arjun Chakravarthy Movie?

In 1980, the story takes place. Arjun Chakravarthy, played by Vijaya Rama Raju, comes from a middle-class family, but his dream is to play with the Indian Olympic team. But he had a hard time getting there, and the movie is all about how hard he tries to reach his goal.

The Cast of Arjun Chakravarthy Movie

People like Vijay Rama Raju, Sija Rose, Ajay, Dayanand Reddy, Ajay Ghosh Durgesh, and more. The movie was directed by Vikrant Rudra, the music was written by Vignesh Baskaran, Jagadeesh Cheekati was in charge of the camera, Pradeep Nandan edited it, and Srini Gubbala managed it.

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Arjun Chakravarthy Movie Trailer

The trailer for Arjun Chakravarthy hasn’t come out yet. The video should be out very soon.


Arjun Chakravarthy, a movie set in the world of Kabaddi, is set to release on January 19, 2024. The movie follows a hero from the 1980s who had a significant impact on Indian cricket. Vijay Rama Raju stars as Arjun Chakravarthy, who grew up in a middle-class family and dreams of playing with the Indian Olympic team. The movie will be directed by Vikrant Rudra, with music written by Vignesh Baskaran and shot by Jagadeesh Cheekati. The movie trailer is not yet available.

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