Are Trey and Riah Still Together? What Happened Between Riah and Trey?

Are Trey and Riah Still Together? Riah and Trey had a link with both of their trial partners, which made season 2 of The Ultimatum a real roller coaster for them. The last two episodes of season 2 of The Ultimatum came out on Netflix on Wednesday, August 30.

The reality dating show is about five couples who don’t agree on whether or not they should get married. Usually, one person is ready to get married and the other isn’t. For the problem to be solved, one partner will give the other an option that gets them on the show. During season 2, couples on The Ultimatum switch partners for a three-week practice marriage. After that, they switch back to their original partner for three more weeks. At the end of their time, they are asked the most important question: Do they want to marry their partner or move on?

It was especially important for Riah Nelson and Trey Brunson since Brunson was very close to his trial wife, Ryann McCracken. Riah did say yes to Trey’s proposal on Ultimate Day, but did the couple’s happiness last after the show? Here is what we know.

Are Trey and Riah Still Together?

Trey stuck to his word and the reason he started doing the show in the first place by proposing to Riah on decision day. “I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that I love you more than ever now,” Trey said as he proposed. He also told her that he wanted to “do everything” with her and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Rihanna had told the cameras before that she was going to use her head instead of her heart to make the choice. After she heard what Trey said, she said she didn’t want to go through “any ups or downs with anyone else” before she accepted and said “yes.”

Are Trey and Riah Still Together?

During the reunion show, Trey and Riah said that they were still together, but that they were working on things again now that they were back in the real world and had to deal with things like work schedules. They did say that the show had helped them get along better, and Trey said that they had learned a lot about how to talk to each other.

He told Nick and Vanessa Lachey, “We could never have these kinds of conversations because they would always end badly.” “We now talk about these things on a regular basis.”

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Jeriah “Riah” Nelson, who is 25 years old and from the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, is a managing server. @jeriahnyree is her name on Instagram.

Riah was the person who got the ultimatum. Treyvon “Trey” Brunson was her first partner. James Morris is her new partner. Riah posted on Instagram in June 2022 that she had bought her first car on her own. “I’m more than grateful. I bought my first car all on my own. Meet WINTER, my new baby. “#newcar #MercedesBenz,” she wrote as a description.

Treyvon “Trey” Brunson is an Area Manager at Paper Mill and is 29 years old. He lives near Charlotte, North Carolina. His name on Instagram is @treyb16.

Trey gave the last chance. Jeriah “Riah” Nelson was his first partner, and Ryann McCracken was his new partner. Trey is a mechanical engineer, according to his Instagram story, and he went to the University of South Carolina. He posted a picture of his graduation on Instagram in December 2016. “‘The best way to predict the future is to make it,'” he wrote as the post’s description.

What Happened Between Riah and Trey?

During the trial, Trey and Riah had very different things happen to them. Trey paired up with Ryann during the choice process. He chose her because he thought she would make a great wife. Riah, on the other hand, chose James, Ryann’s partner, because she could be honest with him and not feel judged. James also helped Riah see that she did want to get married and have children in the end.

Are Trey and Riah Still Together?

Trey’s trial marriage with Ryann went so well that he told the group before he remarried Riah for three weeks that he was falling in love with Ryann. Riah was not happy to hear this, as you might guess.

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Riah’s relationship with James wasn’t as good because James found it hard to commit to the experience after learning on the first night that Ryann was his forever person. This put him in the friend zone with Riah, and things got worse when he thought Riah wanted to sleep with him after she asked him in episode four why he was being less friendly. When she asked James to hold her hand or hug her, he said, “I think it’s just a matter of time and place.”


Season 2 of The Ultimatum, a reality dating show, saw Riah and Trey’s relationship with their trial partners strained. Trey proposed to Riah on decision day, stating he loved her more than ever and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Riah accepted the proposal, but their happiness did not last after the show. During the reunion show, they worked on their relationship and learned to communicate better.

Trey, a mechanical engineer, remarried Riah for three weeks and remarried her for three weeks. Riah chose James, Ryann’s partner because she could be honest and not feel judged. Despite their differences, their relationship remained strong, with James struggling to commit to the experience and Riah questioning his friendliness.

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