Are Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso Dating? Lets Talk About Taylor Swift Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn 2023! News

Are Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso Dating? Looks like Taylor Swift has a new boyfriend! There are reports that the Midnight Rain singer and the Spanish race car driver Fernando Alonso are dating right now. Swifties, which is what people who like Taylor Swift call themselves, think they are dating.

Not too long ago, the Formula One driver posted a video to the social media site TikTok. This has fueled reports that he and the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift are dating. Find out if Taylor is seeing Fernando by reading on.

Are Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso Dating?

The Spanish race car driver put a film on his TikTok account on Monday. In the five-second video, Fernando can be seen going through his phone before looking at the camera and giving a wink. He put the hit song “Karma” by Taylor Swift in the film.

The two-time world winner just wrote “Race week era” as the caption for the TikTok video. In the caption of the post, he made a subtle reference to the Lover singer’s current Eras Tour, which added fuel to the romance rumors.

Alonso didn’t stop there. He also said, “Feeling 33,” which was a reference to Swift’s song “22.” Last week, the famous Instagram account DeuxMoi said that the two of them were a thing, which started the dating rumors.

Are Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso Dating?

An anonymous message on the famous gossip account DeuxMoi’s Instagram Stories said, “A couple of Spanish magazines have been posting about TS and the Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso.”

It went on to say, “They say that the couple has been dating for a week.” Nothing major though, since they just broke up.” The account owner has said very clearly, “Some of the emails posted are complete BS.” As of right now, neither Taylor nor Fernando has said anything officially about the dating reports.

How Did Fans Feel When They Heard That Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso Were Dating?

Soon after, fans were quick to say what they thought about the two people who seemed to be dating. One person on social media said, “Fernando, please confirm or deny if the book “Mastermind” was about you.”

Then a second person wrote, “Taylor Swift actually wrote “Anti-Hero” about Fernando Alonso.” Another person said, “No, but if she dated an F1 driver, that would be such a win hehe.”

A user went on to say, “It all started with Taylor’s age and the fact that his next win would be his 33rd. He’s joked that if he doesn’t win the race, he’ll take current World Champion Max Verstappen’s permanent number 33.”

One response said, “I hope they get to meet and laugh together, because this is funny.” Another person said, “I would never in my life have thought Fernando would have a ts update account.”

Fernando Alonso was married to Raquel del Rosario from 2007 to 2011. Fernando is currently single and looking for a date. In the last few years, he has been in a number of relationships. Raquel del Rosario, the lead singer of the Spanish rock band El Sueno de Morfeo, was the first person he was seen with in public.

In 2005, Alonso and Raquel began going out together. The couple got married the following year, but they didn’t make it legal until 2008. Several news sources say that the racer and his wife, who was a pop singer, broke up and got a divorce after 5 years of marriage.

From 2022 to March 2023, Fernando dated Andrea Schlager, an Austrian news reporter and TV star. At the F1 grounds, they met each other for the first time. They broke up at the beginning of this month. They said on social media that they had broken up.


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Taylor Swift Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

The singer of “I Knew You Were Trouble” and the actor of “The Last Letter from Your Lover” broke up this year, after dating for 6 years. On April 8, 2023, the split was announced on social media.

At the time, a source told People magazine that Taylor and Joe had broken up because of “personality differences.”They’ve been through rough times before, but they’ve always worked things out. Their friends thought they should spend some time apart, but they’d get back together in the end.

The two of them came to the conclusion that they “didn’t go together.” “Joe has struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and the attention from the public,” said the source. After so many years together, it’s also harder to ignore how different they are. They’re no longer close.”

Taylor Swift Just Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn. 

Fans of the couple even wonder if the singer of “Snow on the Beach” and the actress of “Catherine Called Birdy” ever thought about getting married. People magazine said that the two of them had been “talking about marriage as recently as a few months ago.”

A person told People magazine at the beginning of April 2023, “Taylor didn’t see them working out in the long run.” The person said that they broke up recently and that it’s “not dramatic.” The person went on to say, “Right now, Taylor is putting all of her attention on her tour. They still have a lot of respect for each other.”

It was Taylor who ended their relationship, ladies and gentlemen. A different person told Entertainment Tonight, “Taylor and Joe are in totally different places in their lives right now.”

The source added, “It was more Taylor’s choice to end the relationship, but they both understood that they weren’t perfect for each other. They had been together for so long and spent so much time together, but they were just too different to be together. Joe is more shy and quiet, and he prefers to be alone.

Now, many of the Grammy-winning pop star’s famous friends, such as Ryan Reynolds, Gigi Hadid, and The Haim sisters, have stopped following her ex-boyfriend Alwyn on Instagram.

Do you like the idea of Taylor Swift dating Fernando Alonso? In the comments part below, please tell us what you think about the rumored couple. Don’t forget to check back with us to find out what’s going on in the world of show business.

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