Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together? Lets See Taylor and Joseph Big Brother Journey!

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together? When a famous couple breaks up, people always wonder if it was real and what hasn’t been talked about in public. Even though multiple news outlets have reported that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up, fans have theories that they are still together.

Fun and games On Saturday, April 8, 2023, Tonight was the first to report that Swift and Alwyn had broken up after being together for six years. The two kept their relationship very secret, but Alwyn was often her inspiration or helped her write songs for her albums, from Reputation to her most recent album, Midnights. ET cites people who say it was an “amicable” breakup: “The relationship was no longer working. Because of this, Alwyn hasn’t been seen at any shows.” In the end, People separately confirmed the news.

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together?

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin are not together anymore. Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin’s love story came to an end when they said they were breaking up in April 2023. Even though they won over a lot of fans on “Big Brother” and confirmed that they were dating, they chose to go their separate ways. The couple broke up, but they did it in a mature way and decided to stay best friends. This shows how much they respect and admire each other.

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together?

Their friendship was especially important because they were from different races. The way they were shown on the show moved and inspired many viewers. Even though Taylor and Joseph’s love story is over, they will continue to support and be a part of each other’s lives because of their strong friendship. This will leave a lasting mark on the “Big Brother” community.

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Who are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin?

Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin‘s trip on season 24 of “Big Brother” was full of exciting moments and deep connections. Taylor’s great showing helped her win, which gave her the coveted title of season’s winner. While that was going on, Joseph’s appearance in the house got people’s attention, and he became a well-known houseguest.

During the season, Taylor and Joseph’s relationship got better, and their chemistry was clear to everyone, even though they didn’t try to have a showmance. Fans loved the storyline of their real link, and they eagerly watched how they interacted and helped them on their journey. After the season was over, Taylor and Joseph came out and said they were dating, which made their fans happy and cemented them as a beloved couple in the “Big Brother” community.

How was Taylor and Joseph Big Brother Journey?

During the 24th season of “Big Brother,” Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin went on a trip that was fascinating to watch. Taylor, a personal stylist, and former Miss Michigan USA, had a hard time at first in the house because of how some of the other cast members treated her, which made fans upset. During those hard weeks, Taylor’s friend Joseph, who was also a houseguest and a lawyer, was there for her. As the summer went on, their bond grew into something more.

Are Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Still Together?

Even though there were some mistakes between Taylor and Joseph because of lies told by other houseguests, their relationship stayed strong. Joseph praised Taylor’s courage and strength, and their friendship kept getting stronger. When Joseph was kicked off the show in ninth place, many fans thought he left too soon. Their story didn’t end there, though, because they revealed their relationship after the show was over.

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Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin Announced Jaylor Split

After leaving the “Big Brother” house, Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin had to deal with the real world. They dated for six months, but Jaylor broke the news that they were breaking up. On April 19, the beauty queen made a statement to her Instagram story, which the personal trainer and the lawyer then shared. She wrote, “Joseph and I have decided to love and support each other as best friends from now on.” “Right now, we know what’s best for both of our futures.”

Us Weekly found out that a long-distance romance was to blame for the breakup. Even though Hale went to college in Florida and graduated from Florida State University, she wasn’t ready to make the Sunshine State her permanent home. Her home state is Michigan, but as a former Miss Michigan and a TV star, her work takes her everywhere from D.C. to Arizona.

“This decision was made with lots of love, care, and recognition of how important our relationship is to both of us,” Hale wrote on her Instagram story. “There is no love lost here! We’ll always be important to each other. Whether we’re friends or lovers, we’ll always be Jaylor.”


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up after six years, but fans have theories that they are still together. Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin announced their breakup in April 2023, despite having a successful relationship on “Big Brother.” The couple’s friendship was especially important due to their diverse backgrounds. Despite their struggles, their bond grew stronger as they bonded over the course of the season. After leaving the house, Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin announced their split on Instagram, stating that they will continue to support each other as best friends.

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