Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together? What Happened Between Roxanne and Antonio?

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together? Fans want to know if Roxanne and Antonio are still together now that season two of The Ultimatum is over. Real-life dating shows In The Ultimatum, one person in each pair has given the other person an ultimatum: get married or break up. During the experiment, the couples have to break up and get married to someone else for a trial period. Then, they have to decide whether they want to get back together with their original partner or break up for good.

The second season of the Netflix show has been full of twists and turns. For example, Lisa and Brian’s dramatic exit has made some people wonder if they are still together, while others are thinking about Ryann and James and Kat and Alex. Roxanne and Antonio are another pair who went through the process. Fans of The Ultimatum are eager to find out if they made it…

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together?

Yes, Roxanne and Antonio still have a relationship. But in the reunion episode, they said that they don’t have any wedding plans right now. Roxanne said that getting married wasn’t a concern for her.

When Roxanne didn’t wear her engagement ring in her social media posts, some people might have been surprised to hear that the couple was still together. She said at the gathering that she thought it was “weird” and “possessive” that she had to wear a ring but Antonio didn’t have to. She said the ring was in a box, which was true.

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together?

This caused tension at the gathering, and Antonio told Roxanne that not wearing the ring is “almost like you’re not proud of me, and you don’t want anyone to know you’re engaged.”

Things seem to have settled down since then, though, because Roxanne recently told Bustle, “Being engaged is huge for me. I feel a different level of loyalty to someone, which is dope. I think it’s awesome. I’m still surprised that I’m here, but I’m happy to be here.” Antonio said, “Roxanne and I can finally see what it’s like to not worry as much about money and just enjoy each other. We can also see what it’s like to be in a relationship where all of our wants are met.

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Roxanne Kaiser is the founder and CEO of a company in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area. She is 31 years old. @rickyrox_ is her account name on Instagram. Roxanne was the one who got The Ultimatum. Antonio Mattei was her first partner, and Alex Chapman is her new one. Roxanne helped start the company PastedNip, which makes nipple covers. Roxanne told CanvasRebel Magazine in July 2023, “I knew right away that was what I was going to do.”

Antonio Mattei, who is 30 years old and lives in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, is a freight broker. His name on Instagram is @amattei2. Antonio was the one who gave the ultimatum. Roxanne Kaiser was his first partner, and Kat Shelton is his new one. Antonio wrote on Instagram in July 2023 that he was starting Tint World, his own auto repair shop, in Tyrone, Georgia.

What Happened Between Roxanne and Antonio?

Antonio gave Roxanne a deadline to get married, and she said yes at the end of the show. But their journey was by no means easy. Roxanne made it clear to the rest of the cast that Antonio’s lack of job ambition bothered her and that she didn’t want to get married. She said she was looking for someone with more career goals. Antonio thought that getting married was the next step for them.

Are Roxanne and Antonio Still Together?

Early in the season, Roxanne became friends with another cast member, Alex, with whom she had a lot in common because they were both entrepreneurs who weren’t ready to get married. She chose Alex for her trial marriage, and Antonio chose Alex’s first partner Kat because he said he could feel how caring Kat was.

At first, Roxanne and Alex got along well, while Antonio couldn’t stop thinking about Roxanne and Kat’s trial marriage being stuck in the “friend zone.” But in the end, neither person was happy with the trade.

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Where are Roxanne and Antonio Now?

Roxanne has continued to put her business first since shooting wrapped on The Ultimatum. She keeps posting updates on Instagram, like a video of her setting up a pop-up shop. During the meeting, she said, “It’s been a change since the proposal. “Bad and good.

Antonio said that he bought a car wash in South Georgia and plans to turn it into a shop for customizing cars. This means that Roxanne may still find a partner who is focused on their career. Roxanne told TODAY, “Antonio opened a business a month ago,” and she added, “Antonio and I are both growing.” It’s cool that I feel like we’re closer than ever. I didn’t think it would happen.”


The second season of The Ultimatum has ended, and fans are eager to find out if Roxanne and Antonio are still together. Roxanne, a 31-year-old founder and CEO of PastedNip, was given an ultimatum to get married or break up. Despite tensions at a gathering, Roxanne and Antonio have since settled down, and they are now focused on their careers. Roxanne has started a pop-up shop and plans to turn her car wash into a customizing car shop. Antonio has also opened a car wash in South Georgia, suggesting they may still find a partner focused on their career.

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