Are Paulie and Cara Maria Still Together? What Cara Maria Told About Their Marriage?

Are Paulie and Cara Maria Still Together? Yes, Paulie and Cara Maria are still together. Fans of the show have started to wonder what’s going on between Cara Maria and Paulie. Most of what happens in “The Challenge” goes as expected. Cara Maria’s performance slows down her teammate, but Paulie’s skill at answering the riddle gets them to safety.

But when they got back to the house and talked about how to get rid of people, Paulie was honest about Cara’s swimming skills, saying that she needs to improve because her past performance put Team U.S. in danger. Even though Cara Maria knows Paulie’s words are fair and true, she takes them to heart. His criticism hurts her feelings, and she shows how upset she is by complaining about how hard it is to be in a relationship on “The Challenge.”

Who is Cara Maria?

Cara Maria Sorbello is a well-known reality TV star who got their start on The Challenge, a competition show on MTV. They are known for both the intense tasks they face on the show and the drama in their relationships.

In The Challenge series, Cara Maria Sorbello is a well-known person. She first appeared on the show as a contestant from Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, and Rivals, all of which are MTV reality shows. Cara Maria is known for her drive to win, her speed, and her unique style, which often includes colorful tattoos. She became a fan favorite over time because of how well she did on stage and how real she was.

Who is Paulie Calafiore?

Paulie Calafiore, on the other hand, joined The Challenge after becoming famous on the reality show Big Brother, which is shown on CBS. He first showed up on The Challenge: Final Reckoning. Soon after, he started dating Cara Maria Sorbello, which caused a lot of trouble. But the fact that he was dating someone outside of the show at the time made his connection with Cara Maria controversial.

Are Paulie and Cara Maria Still Together?

The relationship between Cara Maria and Paulie was a big source of drama and controversy for both the group of The Challenge and its fans. Their on-and-off relationship and the messy start to their relationship made them a controversial couple in the world of reality TV. Even though they had problems, Cara Maria and Paulie kept dating after the show ended. They showed the ups and downs of their relationship in front of the cameras.

Are Paulie and Cara Maria Still Together?

Paulie and Cara Maria are still together, that’s true. After meeting on Final Reckoning in 2018, they had a rough start. Even though they broke up for a short time, they got back together the next year and have been together ever since.

The Challenge-born couple marked their fifth anniversary on May 24. “We’ve been together for 5 years, and I wouldn’t change a thing. “All roads led us to where we are now, and we are STILL HERE,” Cara wrote on Instagram.

“The most exciting part is that I never know where the next chapter will take us, but I love writing the chapters with you,” she said. The next steps for them are to get married and have kids.

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Paulie and Cara Maria Wedding Plans

Since Paul came back to The Challenge: USA, many people have asked Cara and Paul’s Instagram when they are getting married. Calafiore told Us Weekly, “We want kids for sure, and we want to get married.”

Are Paulie and Cara Maria Still Together?

Cara was very open about how she didn’t want to get married at first. In June, she said, “I’d love to get married to Paulie. I’ve never said this before, but [Paulie is] the person I will see for the rest of my life. This is my closest friend.”

When a fan wrote, “We need the real “CHALLENGE” wedding!!! “, Cara answered by tagging the Instagram page for The Challenge. “Love this so much, and I love you both so much!!! “By far, my favorite Challenge couple right now!” said someone else.

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Cara Maria and Paulie Relationship

The relationship between Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore has been full of ups and downs, drama, and a strong will. Their trip started when they met on the reality TV show “The Challenge: Final Reckoning,” where they fell in love. Paulie was still dating Danielle Maltby at the time of their first marriage, which caused a lot of trouble for them. The cheating story that followed between Paulie and Cara Maria shook up their new relationship and got fans and the media interested.

After the story was made public, Paulie’s relationship with Danielle ended, and he started dating Cara Maria. The ride didn’t stop there, though. Later, whispers spread that Paulie had cheated on Cara Maria with his ex-partner. At first, Cara Maria supported Paulie against these claims, but he then surprised her by confirming on his Instagram Live that they had broken up.


Paulie and Cara Maria are still together, despite the challenges they faced on “The Challenge.” Cara Maria, a well-known reality TV star, is known for her speed, style, and driving skills. Paulie Calafiore, a former Big Brother contestant, joined The Challenge after becoming famous on the show Big Brother. They had a rough start but got back together in 2018 and have been together ever since. The couple has been engaged for five years and are planning to get married and have kids. They have also been rumored to have cheated on each other.

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