Are Nicole Remy and Daniel Bochicchio Still Together? What Happened to Them After Courtship?

Are Nicole Remy and Daniel Bochicchio Still Together? The famous Regency-era TV shows “Bridgerton” and “Sanditon” were a big inspiration for “The Courtship,” which is a dating reality show like no other. The show is set in the Regency era and was filmed in the English countryside. It follows a single woman as she deals with a lot of men while her family gives her advice on what to do next. Even though the show has beautiful clothes from that time period, fancy balls, horseback rides, love letters, and a lot more, it is more interesting to see how people from today adapt to the customs and traditions of that time.

Nicole Remy, a USC graduate and software engineer, was presented in Season 1 of ‘The Courtship’ as she began her search for a perfect partner. After weeks of dating, Nicole chose Daniel “Danny” Bochicchio in the season finale as her favorite of the three men she was interested in. Fans still want to know if Nicole and Danny are still together, even though the season is over. Why don’t we find out?

Are Nicole Remy and Daniel Bochicchio Still Together?

Nicole and Danny have kept quiet about their personal lives since filming for season one finished. So, they haven’t said much about how they are together. Danny’s social media accounts are set to private, but Nicole went on Instagram to talk more about her time on the show and thank everyone who helped make it happen.

Are Nicole Remy and Daniel Bochicchio Still Together?

Also, Nicole wrote in a comment on one of the posts about the exact time she met Danny and how important it was to their relationship. So, based on how close Nicole and Danny are on the show and the fact that we haven’t heard anything about them breaking up, we can assume that they are still together and looking forward to a bright future.

Who is Nicole Remy?

Nicole Remy is from the Washington city of Lakewood. She works for a new tech company as a software engineer and a product manager. She lives in Seattle and loves to travel, read, and stay in shape. She had to go through a lot to get to where she is now. Her parents are her biggest blessing because they let her try new things and helped her figure out how to live her life.

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Who is Daniel Bochicchio?

Daniel Bochicchio is an actress from the United States. In 2022, he made his first appearances on America’s Next Top Model and The Courtship series. He got a lot of friends after being on the show.

Fan’s Reaction to Nicole And Daniel’s Engagement

The show about dating takes place in the Regency era. We’ve been hooked on The Courtship since the first show. In the last episode of the season, Nicole Rémy picked Daniel Bochicchio, aka Danny B, over Jesse Judge. Nicole stopped Jesse from asking her to marry him by telling him that she liked someone else. She sent him home and went for a walk with Danny B. Later, Danny B asked Nicole to marry him, and she said yes. Courtship fans were upset by Nicole’s choice because they thought Danny B didn’t try to talk to her and wasn’t ready to propose earlier on the show.

Nicole Remy’s statement could mean that Daniel Bochicchio’s goals weren’t as good as hers, but his statement to E! News shows a different side of the story. The reality star said, “I had a great time on ‘The Courtship.’ I met new people and got to know what a great person Nicole is.”
Are Nicole Remy and Daniel Bochicchio Still Together?
“When I made the proposal, I was hoping that Nicole and I could make this work in the real world. It was never my goal to break off the engagement or hurt her, but once I got home, the real world caught up with me.” He ended his statement by saying that he was sorry “it didn’t end the way we all had hoped” and wishing Remy “nothing but the best.”
In the same piece, Remy wonders if she made the right decision since the relationship ended in a sad way. “I loved him, and I’ve always known that he was the one. But after going through this heartbreak again and again, I can’t help but wonder what I could have done better.”
Even so, Remy says that Bochicchio is “the only suitor I was truly in love with.” Still, Remy told Hollywood Life that she did “fall” for a few of the contestants. “I do find myself falling in love with more than one person. That’s a scary thought. “That’s all I can say.” Now that the engagement is over, she might be able to try again with one of the other guys.

Nicole and Danny’s The Courtship Journey

Even though Nicole and Danny didn’t hit it off right away, they worked on their relationship over time. Nicole had to keep an open thought and keep her options open as she made her way through the crowd. On the other hand, Danny didn’t go out of his way to chase Nicole or try to impress her.

Instead, he tried to get to know her as a person by talking to her. At some point, Nicole noticed Danny’s subtle moves and seemed to return them. She went on her first date by herself of the season with Danny, which makes him a suitor to watch out for.

On their first meeting, Nicole and Danny got along well, but she quickly moved on and started seeing other people. But Danny didn’t give up and kept going on his journey to get Nicole to like him. Also, when they were together, they seemed very committed to each other. Nicole finally chose Jesse Judge, Christian Lee Cones, and Daniel Bochicchio as her three finalists after going through a number of other suitors.


The Regency-era TV shows “Bridgerton” and “Sanditon” inspired the dating reality show “The Courtship,” which follows a single woman as she deals with men while her family provides advice. Nicole Remy, a USC graduate and software engineer, was featured in Season 1 of the show and chose Daniel Bochicchio as her favorite. Despite their close relationship and the absence of any breakups, fans still wonder if Nicole and Daniel are still together.

Nicole Remy, a USC graduate and software engineer, has been a part of the show since its inception. Despite their initial heartbreak, Nicole Remy believes that Bochicchio is the only suitor she was truly in love with. Despite their struggles, they have worked on their relationship over time, with Nicole choosing Jesse Judge, Christian Lee Cones, and Daniel Bochicchio as her three finalists.

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