Are Memphis And Hamza Still Together? What Happened Between Memphis And Hamza?

Are Memphis And Hamza Still Together? Hamza Moknii and Memphis Smith broke up soon after they got married. Since then, what has the man from Tunisia been doing? At the time, the single mother of two was smitten by Hamza’s good looks and easygoing attitude. A little less than a year went by before Memphis from 90 Day Fiancé flew to Tunisia to meet the love of her life and get married. Most of the time, the two people got along well, but they both had things from their pasts that made them different.

Memphis from the fifth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days wanted a prenup to make sure her kids would be taken care of if they broke up, and Hamza didn’t like how close she was with the father of her children. Even though they didn’t have a full prenup, the couple got married and found out they were going to have a baby on their honeymoon. After their vacation, everyone showed up, and Hamza and Memphis went to the Tell-All together. But within a few weeks, it was said that the couple had broken up, and now everyone wants to know where Hamza is.

Are Memphis And Hamza Still Together?

The two don’t seem to be together anymore. Memphis shared a video on Instagram about breastfeeding, and her hashtags told a lot. One of them was called “Single Mom Life,” which makes it sound like she and Hamza are no longer together.

Are Memphis And Hamza Still Together?

Hamza still hasn’t said anything. He has posted pictures of himself with his baby. The baby is wearing a pink onesie, but that doesn’t mean they had a girl. This is possible, but the parents haven’t said anything about the baby’s gender, name, or even face.

Most of the shots they post on Instagram are of themselves, and they stopped following each other last month. Most reality star pairs do this to show that they are breaking up. There have been rumors about the split for a while, but neither of them has said anything public about it yet.

Who is Hamza Moknii?

Hamza Moknii is from Tunisia, and he was on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in its fifth season. He married American Memphis while she was in Tunisia for a short time. Throughout their relationship, they had to deal with many problems, such as a big language gap and telling each other lies. Memphis gave birth to Hamza’s daughter, who now lives with him in the United States.

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Where Are Memphis And Hamza Now?

Memphis Smith had to wait a few months before going to Tunisia because of the travel limits caused by COVID-19. There were a lot of problems between them, like the fact that they didn’t speak the same language. After traveling for a while, Memphis finally got ready for the trip. He was very scared to meet Hamza.

She said it was scary and that she had trouble with the language problem. Hamza had earned the trust and help of Memphis. The fact that the couple likes each other and wants to get married soon may have helped them get past their differences in culture and language and accept each other.

What Happened Between Memphis And Hamza?

Even though there was definitely chemistry between them, Memphis soon found out that Hamza had lied about his age and was two years younger than he said he was.

During the January 23, 2022 show, she said, “I feel really tricked” when he told her he was 26. She also said that they had other things to deal with. “But even though it’s hard for me to deal with Hamza’s lies, we have to go to the embassy today so that I can get the document I need to marry a Tunisian.”

Are Memphis And Hamza Still Together?

In the episode from February 20, 2022, she said that she spent time with her ex-husband at the beginning of their relationship because she “didn’t pass her [nursing] state exams” and was sad about it. This caused more drama between them. “I want to tell you about something that happened over the summer,” she said through a translation app. He said, “No, you listen,” into the phone. “I think you and I decided to get married too quickly.”

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Memphis later explained what happened when she stayed with her ex. She told Hamza, “I was feeling kind of down, and he said I could stay at his place. So, I stayed at his house for four nights, but nothing sexual happened.” Even though it seemed like they weren’t going to get married because of problems in their relationship, reports about them getting married were spread when Memphis’ mother, Deborah Smith-Price, called Hamza her “handsome son-in-law.”

How Did Hamza and Memphis Meet?

Memphis and Hamza met online, like a lot of other couples on the long-running TLC show. After getting to know each other, they fell in love and got engaged. On the sideshow, they showed how the nurse traveled from Muskegon, Michigan, to his city of Kairouan, Tunisia, so that they could meet for the first time in person.


Hamza Moknii and Memphis Smith broke up shortly after getting married. The Tunisian couple, who met on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, had a history of issues, including language barriers and lying. They had a baby on their honeymoon, but the couple has not publicly stated their relationship status. Memphis, who gave birth to Hamza’s daughter, now lives with him in the US.

The couple met online and got engaged on the TLC show. However, Memphis discovered that Hamza had lied about his age and was two years younger than he claimed. Despite the challenges, reports about their marriage spread, with Memphis’ mother calling Hamza her “handsome son-in-law.”

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