Are Lauren and Nate Still Together? Lauren and Nate Relationship Journey!

The first season of The Ultimatum came out in April 2022, and Lauren and Nate got engaged on the show. In 2023, are they still together? We wrote down what we know about how their relationship is right now.

Lauren and Nate had been together for two and a half years when they took part in the experiment. They wanted to find out if they were ready to take the next big step in their relationship. Both people in this pair wanted to get married, but one didn’t want children. Nate eventually wanted to get married and have kids, but Lauren didn’t feel the same way. Having children is a big deal and usually something that can’t be changed.

Are Lauren and Nate Still Together?

Lauren and Nate Together

Yes, as of July 2023, Lauren and Nate are still together. In fact, they have been married for a while. They got married in Colorado on October 1, 2022. A lot of their friends and family came to their wedding, which was held outside. Lauren said in an Instagram post that she and Nate want to have a child when she gets 33.

Who is Lauren Pounds?

Lauren is a 26-year-old woman who loves making non-alcoholic drinks. She has a link to her other page, Shakes Shake Pour, on her main Instagram account. She posts videos and pictures of the cocktails she makes all the time. After being on the show, he or she has gained a huge number of fans. Lauren loves to travel and has been to many different places. She has pictures from Japan, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and other places she visited.

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Who is Nathan Ruggles?

Nathan, or Nate, is Lauren’s boyfriend, as we all know. They’ve been seeing each other for about three years. We don’t know much about him as a person or about his work. We can see how much he loves sports on his Instagram account. Nathan always posts shots of himself playing tennis, hiking, and other sports. He didn’t have many fans before he went on the show, but that’s about to change. Fans of The Ultimatum say that the show is fake and that the guy who proposed to Lauren was not real.

The Journey of Lauren and Nate Relationship

After the first season’s filming was done, Lauren and Nate both went to Costa Rica and shared photos to their Instagram accounts. Even though they didn’t post any pictures of themselves together, I think it’s safe to assume that they were on the trip together. Lauren also said something flirty about one of Nate’s photos. She told the waterfall, “Thirst trap.” Nate then said, “Don’t go chasing waterfalls, babe..”

Lauren and Nate Together

In October 2021, Lauren put up an Instagram picture of herself in Colorado. The caption said, “Someone made us drive 45 minutes up a mountain to check out this place, buttttt…the views did not disappoint.” Even though she didn’t name Nate in the text, it was clear that she was talking about him. At some point, Nate was also in Colorado.

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Then, in November 2021, Lauren shared a cute picture of them together on Instagram to mark their three-year anniversary. This showed that they were still together.

Lauren says that after the show was over, Nate went to a diamond dealer and had a ring made. Then he took Lauren to Zilker Park in Austin, Texas, where he again asked her to marry him. Later, they took a road trip through Colorado to find the right place for their wedding. After that, they decided to get married on October 1, 2022.


Lauren and Nate, who got engaged on The Ultimatum in April 2022, are still together as of July 2023. They got married in Colorado on October 1, 2022, and Lauren expressed her desire to have a child when she gets 33. Lauren, a 26-year-old cocktail maker, has gained a large following on Instagram. Nate, Lauren’s boyfriend, is known for his sports-related posts. After filming, Lauren shared photos of themselves in Costa Rica and Colorado, and they got married on October 1, 2022.

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