Are Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Still Together? What Happened to Kevin Gates And Dreka?

Are Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Still Together? Kevin Gates is a well-known rapper, and he and his wife, Dreka Gates, have been one of the most watched pairs in hip-hop. Fans have looked up to the pair for years because of how hard they work, and their commitment to each other has been clear. But recent reports that Kevin and Dreka had broken up sent the entertainment world into a tizzy and made fans very sad. On the other hand, Kevin has been tied to a few other people, which has made people wonder if he and Dreka are still together. Well, don’t worry, because we have answers for you!

Are Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Still Together?

We’re sorry to be the ones to tell you this, but it looks like Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates have gone their different ways. The first few years of Kevin and Dreka’s marriage went smoothly, and on May 10, 2019, they gave birth to their second child, Khaza Kamil Gates. But, like most popular couples, they had to deal with rumors that they were breaking up. The two never really paid much attention to these rumors, though.

Are Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Still Together?

Still, the rumors got stronger toward the end of 2021, and Kevin was even linked to Renni Rucci and Summer Walker, who are both well-known people. But he and Dreka decided to keep quiet about the rumors and never said anything official about them. But Kevin Gates was recently seen going around New York City while holding hands with ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Jojo Zarur. This event started up the gossip mill again, and this time, it seemed like the story of Dreka and Kevin was over.

First, Kevin posted a solo rap called “Super General” in June of 2022. He said that the song he wrote with Dreka in mind was a lie to protect her public image. On the other hand, Jojo hinted that she and Kevin might be together in an Instagram story that has since been wiped. So, even though there is no official confirmation that Kevin and Dreka are no longer together, it seems like they have chosen to go their separate ways and live their own lives.

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What Happened With Kevin Gates And Dreka?

Millions of people listen to Kevin Gates, an American rapper, singer, and business owner. People have been talking about Kevin Gates and his wife, Dreka Gates, a lot lately because there are rumors that they are breaking up. Breakup rumors about famous people are common these days. Kevin Gates and Dreka are a couple that many people love and follow. They got married in 2015 and have been living happily ever since. They haven’t made an official statement about their breakup.

Kevin Gates said the following: “No, I’ve never had a long-term girlfriend. I have a best friend.” We have known each other for 14 years. She is my work partner, and I tell her everything. She is my life partner and work partner. I don’t do girlfriends. That’s just a date.” In an interview, when they asked him about her life partner, Dreka, he said these words. Read on to find out more.

How Did Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Meet?

Kevin and Dreka were sweethearts in high school and met for the first time when they were teenagers. Back then, Kevin was just a beginning rapper who wanted to be famous in the entertainment business. It didn’t take long for them to meet, and they started a great relationship based on love and faith right away. Also, Dreka liked Kevin’s style of music right away and said she would help and support the beginning rapper in any way she could.

Dreka was the one who suggested to Kevin that he show his songs to different producers. She even took Kevin’s music to promoters, booking agents, and other well-known artists, trying to give her boyfriend the head start he so deserved. Reports say that Dreka worked hard and didn’t stop until Kevin became a name that seemed to be well-known in the hip-hop business.

Are Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates Still Together?

After Kevin became well-known and had a lot of success, he and Dreka started a new business. They called it Bread Winners Association, or BWA, after the name of their record label. Even though BWA helped make a lot of Kevin’s music, he kept getting more and more famous, and so did the couple’s fan base. Dreka and Kevin never missed a chance to show how much they loved each other in public, and fans seemed to hold them up as one of the most honest couples in the business.

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Dreka and Kevin’s first kid, Islah Koren Gates, came into the world on November 30, 2010. This was a huge step in their lives. Even though they weren’t married yet, the two seemed to be happy with their lives and each other. Still, the artist got married to his longtime partner in a beautiful ceremony in October 2015. In an interview with Complex in 2015, Kevin talked about his friendship with Dreka. He said, “I have a best friend. We have known each other for 14 years. She is my work partner, and I tell her everything. She is my work partner and my life partner.


Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates, a well-known hip-hop couple, have been linked to several people, including Renni Rucci and Summer Walker. Despite rumors of their breakup, the couple has remained together, with Kevin posting a solo rap in June 2022 and Jojo Zarur hinting at a possible relationship. They met in high school and started a successful business called Bread Winners Association (BWA) in 2010. Despite their relationship being a source of happiness, Kevin and Dreka continued to show their love and commitment in public. Their first child, Islah Koren Gates, was born in 2010, and they married in October 2015.

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