Are Emily and Harrison Still Together? Emily and Harrison Love Island USA Journey!

Are Emily and Harrison Still Together? Peacock’s “Love Island USA” is a dating reality show that is based on the British show of the same name. Many of the contestants have found love on the show, but it wasn’t easy for them to get there. Season 5 of the show just started, and Emily Chavez and Harrison Hans Luna stood out as one of the most interesting pairs, even though they were only together for a short time. But did their friendship stay the same after the show ended? We’re here to look into the same thing!

Who are Emily and Harrison?

Episode 18 of Love Island USA’s fifth season was a key part of the story that kept people interested. In front of the shimmering fire pit, eight Islanders, four girls and four boys, were at a very important crossroads. Emily and Harrison were among them. Their trip had brought them together.

Are Emily and Harrison Still Together?

Emily, a bold newcomer, changed the way things worked. She quickly made friends and finally got close to Harrison. Their relationship grew, and in Episode 19, they all left together because of how close they were. People on the island thought that Emily and Harrison had become too comfortable with each other, which made them question the depth and realness of their relationship.

Are Emily and Harrison Still Together?

Emily Chavez and Harrison Hans Luna haven’t said anything about how their relationship is going since they left the show. Since one is from Houston, Texas, and the other is from Adelaide, Australia, they have a long way to go if they want their partnership to work. Even though they were voted out, they were both excited about the possibility of staying in touch.

Harrison said on the show that he was planning to go to Miami, Florida, soon. So, it looks like he will stay in the US for about two and a half months and try to see Emily while he is there. The woman in question also seemed happy to be going with Harrison, and she seemed open to keeping in touch with him after the show. Still, the reality TV stars and their fans were upset that the show didn’t give this relationship more time to grow. Overall, it seems like Harrison and Luna are not in a serious relationship right now, but they are open to seeing where things go.

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Emily and Harrison Love Island USA Journey

When Harrison Hans Luna joined the Peacock series on Day 4, he was drawn to Destiny Davis. At the next recoupling ceremony, he was paired with her. People liked how close they were to each other, and they couldn’t help but gush over the sweet things they said to each other. But the romance seemed to start to fade quickly, and Harrison started to want more of a physical bond and said he was ready for more.

Are Emily and Harrison Still Together?

So, Emily Chavez’s post on Day 10 was without a doubt a crazy coincidence. At first, the woman had feelings for Marco Donatelli, Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen, and Harrison. But it wasn’t long before she had to decide who she wanted to pair up with. She chose Harrison, who seemed happy about it, though he tried not to show it too much so as not to hurt Destiny, who he had been with up until that point.

Harrison and Emily started to get to know each other better after they started dating. However, some of the other cast members found it strange how quickly he had moved on from Destiny, especially given how much he cared about her. Emily and Harrison seemed to be completely in love with each other now, and they seemed to enjoy their time together. That being said, the first contestant was upset when, during the “Face the Facts” game, it was revealed that many of the cast members and fans thought she was dating someone out of her league.

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On Day 15, the votes of the crowd showed that four men and women were in danger. It was up to the people who were safe to get rid of one person. The girls chose one guy and the guys chose one girl. Harrison and Emily were voted off in the end, which made many of the group members sad. Still, many people found comfort in the fact that they would both be going, so no one would be sad about being separated from their partner.

Who is Harrison Dating Now?

As soon as the show was coming to an end, Harrison told everyone about his new girlfriend, Gina. The new couple went out in public for the first time at a Freedom Day party in Sydney. This was the same night that his breakup with Bronte was shown on Australian TV. Since then, he has said that his new girlfriend doesn’t care how he was presented on TV.

Harrison talked to The Daily Mail Australia about his screen image. He said, “They want people who are going to stand up for themselves and make the conflict.” “That’s the whole point of MAFS. The show is about fights and blowouts. This is why we all watch.”

Harrison told people who want to be on the show, “Go into it with your eyes wide open and don’t let production push you around. “You have between a 50% and 25% chance of being a main character, and even less of being a good one.” Bronte has kept to herself since the show ended, but she has been seen in Sydney with another star, Lyndall Grace.


Love Island USA, a dating reality show based on the British show, has seen Emily Chavez and Harrison Hans Luna as interesting pairs. In Season 5, Emily and Harrison were at a crossroads, and their relationship grew. However, in Episode 19, they all left together due to their closeness. Harrison and Emily haven’t said anything about their relationship since they left the show, but they are excited about staying in touch.

Harrison plans to go to Miami, Florida for two and a half months and try to see Emily. Despite the show’s short-lived relationship, Emily and Harrison seem to be in love and enjoying their time together. Harrison has announced his new girlfriend, Gina, and has told fans to be open to their screen image and not let production push them around.

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