Archean Chemical IPO GMP: Share Price, How Are the Reviews?

You can find information on Archean Chemical IPO GMP today, reviews, lot size, and share price, along with detailed analysis, on this page. Archean Chemical is a company that specializes in the manufacturing of marine chemicals.

Its main operations involve producing and supplying bromine, industrial salt, and sulfate of potash to customers worldwide.

Archean Chemical IPO

This fiscal year, Archean Chemical Industries Limited has done very well as India’s top exporter of bromine and industrial salt (2021). The company has some of the lowest production costs in the world for both bromine and industrial salt. It uses brine deposits in the Rann of Kutch, which is on the coast of Gujarat, to make its products.

Archean Chemical Industries Limited is India’s most successful manufacturer of specialized marine chemicals. It makes and sells bromine, industrial salt, and sulfate of potash to customers all over the world.

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Archean Chemical IPO GMP

Archean Chemical IPO GMP

Archean Chemical Industries sells its goods to a total of 24 customers in the United States and 18 customers in other countries. During the Fiscal Year 2021, the company exported 2.7 million MT of industrial salt. This made it India’s biggest exporter of industrial salt.

In India, Archean Chemical Industries Limited is the main company that sells bromine to markets outside of India. This company is the only one in India that makes sulfate potash. Most of the marine chemicals business this company does in India and other places in the world is with other businesses.

On the northern side of the Rann of Kutch, where the brine deposits are, there is an integrated display facility for bromine, industrial salt, and sulfate of potash operations. This plant is in the Gujarat city of Hajipir. For Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today, the Grey Market Premium also called the IPO GMP, is 70.

How Are the Reviews of Archean Chemical IPO?

With a distinctive market position and specialized chemical manufacturing and exporting, ACIL has increased its profit margins. Downstream, there have been ongoing developments that have led to expansions. Given the company’s FY23 results, the price of the current issue seems fair.

This blue-chip company could offer medium- to long-term returns to investors who anticipate continued demand for shares of speciality chemical companies.

Archean Chemical IPO Lot Size

To apply for an Archean Chemical IPO, investors must purchase a minimum of one lot, which contains 36 shares and has a cost of 14,652 yen. Retail investors are permitted to apply for up to 13 lots, which amounts to 468 shares or a total value of 190,476 yen.

Application Lot Size Shares
Retail Minimum 1 36
Retail Maximum 13 468
S-HNI Minimum 14 504
B-HNI Minimum 68 2,484

IPO Share Price of Archean Chemical

Category Shares Offer Amount
Fresh Issue : 19,778,870 ₹805.00 CR
Offer For Sale : 16,150,000 ₹657.31 Cr
Total : 35,928,870 ₹1462.31 Cr

Archean Chemical’s initial public offering (IPO) will include a total of 35,928,992 shares, of which 19,778,870 will be available for new issuance and 16,150,000 will be available for an offer for sale.

Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today

Archean Chemical IPO provides two application methods. The first is via ASBA, which is accessible through your bank account. To apply via ASBA, you will need to log in to your online bank account, go to the Invest section of the menu, and select Archean Chemical IPO from the drop-down menu.

The second option is to download the IPO form from the NSE and BSE websites. You can find the Archean Chemical Initial Public Offering Form on their websites, fill it out, and then submit it to your bank or broker.

Archean Chemical IPO GMP

IPO Strengths of Archean Chemical

  • Bromine and industrial salt market leadership, development, and growth opportunities
  • There are a few things that new competitors in the specialty marine chemicals business have to deal with.
  • There is already infrastructure in place, as well as integrated manufacturing and ways to cut costs.
  • Pay attention to safety and the environment.
  • The biggest exporter of bromine and industrial salt from India, with customers all over the world.
  • In terms of money, a solid and reliable performance.
  • A management team, promoters, financial investors, and stakeholders who are all skilled and experienced.
  • If you have questions about Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today, you can ask them in the comment section.


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