Apple Vision Pro Release Date, Specifications, Price Details and Must Know Facts

Apple Vision Pro Release Date: Instead of the long-awaited Apple Glasses, the team from Cupertino announced the elegant and not-at-all-dorky Vision Pro AR/VR headset, which shows your facial expression to people walking by. That doesn’t mean Glasses won’t come later, but Apple will first use Vision Pro to improve its augmented or virtual reality content and see how well the $3499 headset is received by users.

So, what does Apple’s Vision Pro AR/VR gear, which can run all iPad apps on its own visionOS system, bring to the metaverse? How does it work and what can you do with it? Here’s all you need to know about Apple Vision Pro…

Apple Vision Pro Release Date

The Apple Vision Pro will be available in the US in the first quarter of 2024, and it will come to other countries later that year. While you wait, Apple will let developers test and give demos. It will also use this time to release visionOS games and apps that take advantage of the dual 4K screens, powerful M2 chipset, and its first 3D camera set.

What is the Price of Apple Vision Pro?

Several reliable experts and leakers said that Apple’s first mixed reality headset would cost around $3,000. They were wrong. In fact, the price of the Apple Vision Pro starts at $3499.

Apple Vision Pro Release Date

At least at first, this price point suggests that the Gen-one Apple headset will only be for tech fans who are very serious about technology and probably devs. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that the Cupertino company supposedly doesn’t think it will sell more than a million of them in the first year after it comes out in 2024.

But there’s good news for those who don’t mind waiting: we’ve heard from multiple sources that Apple is already working on cheaper versions of its headset that haven’t come out yet. So, the price of the first-generation Apple mixed reality headset will probably be too high for most people to buy. However, as the technology improves, cheaper versions will come out, possibly as early as 2025.

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Where to Buy Apple Vision Pro?

Before the Apple Vision Pro is officially released in early 2024, the only place you can buy it is from Apple. For now, this buy is a pre-order for something that will be coming soon. But after its yet-to-be-announced release date, the Apple Vision Pro is likely to be sold in electronics stores, big-box stores, online e-commerce giants, and other places where Apple goods are usually sold. If you don’t want to pre-order a headset but still want to buy one, you can sign up for email information on the product page on Apple’s site.

Apple Vision Pro Specifications

Product Type Mixed reality headset
Developer Apple Inc.
Manufacturer Foxconn
Release Date TBA (Early 2024)
Price $3,499
Operating System visionOS
System-on-a-Chip Apple M2, Apple R1
Display Type Micro-OLED
Display Quality 4K with HDR
Number of Pixels Approx. 23 million
Speakers Stereo, powered by the H2 chip No 3.5mm headphone jack

Must Know Facts About Apple Vision Pro

Facts Apple Vision Pro
Power Source Separate battery pack
Battery Life Up to 2 hours
Power Adapter Compatibility Yes, can be plugged in for extended use
Standalone Product Yes
Integration with Other Apple Products Yes
Eye-Tracking Feature Yes
Eye-Tracking Technology Two cameras and an array of LEDs
Eye-Tracking Feature Name EyeSight
Gesture Control Yes
Hand-Tracking Components 12 cameras, 6 microphones, 5 sensors
Hand-Tracking Focus Tracking users’ hands and gestures
Focus of the Device Productivity and work-oriented
Supported Apps Microsoft Office suite, Zoom, Adobe Creative Suite, and more

Apple Vision Pro Games

Yes, the Vision Pro virtual reality gear lets you play all the games in the Apple Arcade and other games as well. They can also be played with the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5, whether it’s an NBA game, a car racing game, or a shooter. Also, Unity makers will be able to make games that work only with the Apple Vision Pro.

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How Secure is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple uses an eye scanner called Optic ID, which is brand new, to identify people. Apple says, “Optic ID is a new secure authentication system that analyzes a user’s iris under different invisible LED light exposures and then compares it to the enrolled Optic ID data that is protected by the Secure Enclave to instantly unlock Vision Pro.”

As usual, Apple encrypts the Optic ID data in a secure enclave that never leaves Vision Pro and isn’t kept on Apple servers. This means that no one can ask for it to verify their identity or use it in a bad way.


Apple has announced the Vision Pro AR/VR headset, which will be available in the US in 2024 and other countries later that year. It will cost $3499 and is expected to only be sold to tech fans who are serious about technology. Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset from Foxconn, released in early 2024. It has a separate battery pack, a battery life of up to 2 hours, compatibility with other Apple products, eye-tracking technology, gesture control, hand-tracking components, productivity features, and security features.

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