Anushka Sharma Net Worth 2023: Lets See the Value of Her House and Cars Collection!

Anushka Sharma Net Worth: The Indian actor Anushka Sharma has a net worth of $35 Million (Rs. 255 Crore). In Bollywood movies, there are a lot of young stars who have made it to the top. Anushka Sharma is a talented actress who got her start in Bollywood and shocked everyone with her first movie. She started out as a model, but now she is one of the most well-known actresses in Hindi Cinema and Film Making.

Here, we’ll talk about Anushka Sharma’s work, how she rose and fell as a director, and, most importantly, how much money she makes and how much her net worth is. Anushka Sharma works in the Bollywood Film Industry as an actor, model, and producer. She started out as a model, and in 2008 she moved into movies. She is now one of the best actors in Hindi Cinema and also one of the highest-paid stars in the country.

Anushka Sharma Net Worth 2023

According to source, Anushka Sharma is believed to have a total net worth of $35 million, which is about 255 Crore Indian Rupee (i.e. about Two Hundred and Fifty-Five Crore INR). Brand endorsements and her own businesses bring in the most money for her. As a producer, she also gets a cut of the money made from her works.

Anushka Sharma’s net worth has grown by 80% in the last three years. Anushka Sharma is one of the most popular stars in Bollywood movies, and she gives a lot of her money to charity and social causes. She’s also one of the people who pays the most taxes in the country. Also Read: Virat Kohli Net Worth: From Cricketing Triumphs to Endorsement Deals!

Anushka Sharma House Value

The actress got a luxurious home in Mumbai in 2014. It is thought to be worth about USD 1 million (INR 9 crores) on the market. She and her husband, Virat Kohli, have two homes in Alibaug that are worth about USD 2.3 million (INR 19.24 crores). They also own a house in Delhi, as well as flats in both Mumbai and Delhi. The couple lives in an expensive home in South Mumbai that they bought for about USD 4.1 million (INR 34 crores).

Anushka also has a well-furnished office worth USD 547,235 (INR 4.5 crores) in Lokhandwala. In 2012, she also bought three apartments in a Versova building and turned them into one big apartment. The building is said to be worth about USD 1.2 million (INR 10 crores). It is 6,000 square feet in size.

Anushka Sharma Cars Collection

Some of Anushka’s cars are among the most expensive in the world. Her car collection has BMW, Range Rover, and Mercedes, all of which are high-end names. She owns a USD 280,934 (INR 2.31 crores) Range Rover Vouge SE and a USD 486,467 (INR 4 crores) Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography.

Anushka Sharma Other Income sources

Anushka Sharma Net Worth

Anushka Sharma’s clothesline, Nush, was launched in 2017. It could be sold for about USD 7.9 million (INR 65 crores) on the market right now. The actor from “PK” and her brother, Karnesh Sharma, started Clean Slate Filmz in 2013. Clean Slate Filmz made a deal with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to distribute movies and web shows in 2022. The deal was worth about USD 54 million (INR 444 crores).

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Anushka Sharma Assets and Endorsements

Anushka also makes money by putting her name on products. She charges between Rs 3.5 crore and Rs 5 crore for an advertisement and makes between Rs 4.3 crore and Rs 9.7 crore a year. Companies like Lux, Godrej, Nivea, Lipton, Reliance, and others were some of her clients. Anushka Sharma started the Nush brand in October 2017. It sells trendy clothes for women, like tops, pants, coats, and more. The estimated market value of her company is 60 crores.

Anushka and her brother Karnesh Sharma started Clean Slate Filmz, a company that makes and sells movies, in 2013. In 2015, they put out their first movie, “NH10,” which made USD 5.1 million all over the world. Clean Slate Filmz made a deal with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix for $54 million US in 2022 to spread movies and web shows.


Anushka Sharma is an Indian actor, model, and producer with a net worth of $35 million. She is one of the highest-paid stars in Hindi Cinema and gives a lot of her money to charity and social causes. Anushka Sharma has a well-furnished office in Lokhandwala, a car collection of high-end cars, a clothesline, and a company that makes and sells movies. She also makes money by putting her name on products.

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