Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update: Barkha Says Anuj Wants to Stay With Maya!

Anupamaa is a Hindi-language television drama series in India. Dimpy sticks up for Anuj when Samar says he cheated on Anupama and played with her feelings. Vanraj thinks that Anuj is planning to get back at Anupama and that his refusal to meet her is part of this plan.

On the other hand, Kavya defends Anuj and teases Vanraj by saying that stealing is what he does best. Pakhi wants to know why Anuj didn’t show up, but Hasmukh won’t let him off the hook. Ankush wants to find out why Anuj didn’t come to meet Anupama, so he chooses to go to Mumbai.

While this is going on, Anupama starts to cry, and Kanta says that she is afraid that Anuj will break Anupama’s heart. Anupama says she is broken and hurt, but she will try to get over it.

Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update: Barkha Says Anuj Wants to Stay With Maya!

When the Shah family gets home, they talk about how Anuj cheated on his wife. Vanraj tries to turn the family against Anuj, while Kavya insists that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

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Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update: Barkha Says Anuj Wants to Stay With Maya!

Vanraj asks Anupama why she is still waiting for Anuj even though he won’t come. Samar says that Anuj shouldn’t be respected. Vanraj tells Kavya to stop trying to tell them what’s going on.

Kavya thinks that someone must have done something to stop Anuj from coming. She tells Vanraj that she cares about him and that she knows how hard she has worked to build their friendship. She says that he doesn’t care about her and is ruining her job and hopes. Leela steps in and tells them to stop fighting.

Vanraj tells Kavya that being a model is not a good job. Then they start to talk about Anirudh. Kavya tells him that Vanraj and Leela are trying to get Anupama back, and she tells him that he loves Anupama, so he should accept the truth. Anirudh tells her that she will never understand how he and Anupama are together because they are both parents to their own kids.

Kavya tells him that they could have also planned for their kids. They tease each other about how they don’t deserve to have kids again. Hasmukh tells them to stop fighting because he is fed up with the daily drama. Adhik asks Pakhi if she is happy now since she tried to make peace but ended up making things worse.

Pakhi tells her that Anupama’s family is broken and that they are busy blaming each other. She tells him to be kind and thinks Anuj must have a good reason for not coming back. Barkha tells Pakhi that Anuj wants to stay with Maya and Anu and that he is tired of putting up with the Shah family.

Barkha tells Pakhi not to do any more tricks and tells her she can leave if she wants to. Adhik is asked by Pakhi if he wants to come with her, but he says no. She chooses to stay at home with Adhik instead of going out. Anupama misses Anuj and cries. Bhairavi tries to make her feel better and tells her to think about the good times.

Anupama 9th May 2023 Written Update: Barkha Says Anuj Wants to Stay With Maya!

Anupama gets help from Bhairavi and realizes she will always love Anuj. While this is going on, Kavya chooses to leave the house because her husband doesn’t respect her. The Shah family can’t believe what she did. Anupama tells Kanta that she wants to focus on her work and not on Anuj. Kanta asks her to make a promise. The dance teacher Malti Devi will soon come in.

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