Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anuj Fallen for Maya’s Trap!

Anupamaa is a Hindi-language television drama series. Ankush welcomes Anupama, while Pakhi asks Barkha and Adhik why they brought negativity. Pakhi regrets her actions after Barkha explains that they are related. Barkha apologizes to Anupama, but Pakhi taunts her.

Adhik requests that Pakhi give Barkha an opportunity, and Barkha pretends to apologize to Anupama in order to deceive her. She asserts that Anuj and Anupama own everything and urges them to unite.

Ankush notes that Anuj should have arrived at this time. Pakhi observes Vanraj, Leela, and Paritosh’s group’s return, and Hasmukh and Kavya ridicule them for attempting to harm Anupama’s pleasure.

Vanraj professes that he desires Anupama’s happiness and that he has come to contribute to it. Kanta warns them against interfering with her daughter’s happiness and makes it plain she will not tolerate it. Anupama calls Anuj, but he is not available. Despite this, everyone wishes Anuj good success and is excited about her return.

Samar informs Anupama that Anuj’s phone is still off, and as time passes without word from him, she begins to fret. Vanraj and Barkha enjoy seeing Anupama’s apprehensive expression. Barkha requests permission to call Maya and pretends to speak with her, but Maya’s phone is also off.

While Vanraj grins, Anupama detects a bad omen and becomes terrified. Ankush shares Anupama’s concern since Anuj has not yet arrived. Anupama recalls Anuj’s words, causing her to cry and anxiously await his arrival after Barkha implies that perhaps Anuj doesn’t want to come.

Samar suggests that Anuj may be taking a late flight, but Anupama resolves to travel to Mumbai to determine the situation. She becomes anxious, but Ankush advises her to hold off until the following day. However, Anupama is adamant about leaving immediately, despite Kanta’s reminder that it is late, and she shouldn’t depart at this time.

Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anuj Fallen for Maya's Trap!

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Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anuj Fallen for Maya’s Trap!

Vanraj and Barkha attempt to halt Anupama by advising her to wait and see. She requests to borrow Ankush’s car, but he offers to transport her himself. Finally, Anuj calls Anupama, who anxiously answers the phone. She is stunned by what he says, and the family attempts to determine what occurred.

Anupama discloses that Anuj has decided not to return to her because he has found happiness with another Anu. The family believes that Anuj has fallen for Maya’s trap, and as a result, they are furious with him for hurting Anupama’s heart.

Kanta asserts that Anuj cannot give Anupama hope and then dash it, and everyone is enraged with Anuj for manipulating her emotions. For the sake of her affection, Anupama prevents Hasmukh from calling Anuj and interrogating him, instead respecting his decision.

She instructs everyone not to contact or meet Anuj and decides to move on without further discussion with him. Vanraj attempts to convince Anupama to move in with him and their children, but she refuses, stating that she does not wish to visit either Anuj’s or Vanraj’s home.

Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Update: Anuj Fallen for Maya's Trap!

She asserts that she does not require anyone’s assistance and will create a new existence for herself. In the meantime, a new character named Malti Devi is introduced to the plot, and Kavya departs Vanraj, leaving him collapsed and shocking his family.

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