Anupama: Upcoming Story: Pakhi and Kinjal Take a Stand Against Vanraj for Anupama!

“Anupamaa” is a Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on July 13, 2020, on Star Plus and can be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar. Produced by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi under the banner of Director’s Kut Productions, the series stars Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, and Gaurav Khanna.

It is loosely based on Star Jalsha’s Bengali series “Sreemoyee”. Over time, the series has received positive reviews. In this article, we will explore why Pakhi and Kinjal go against Vanraj to protect Anupamaa.

Anupama: Upcoming Story 7th April 2023: Spoiler Alert!

Pakhi and Kinjal Take a Stand Against Vanraj for Anupama!

Kinjal and Pakhi will stand up to Vanraj in upcoming episodes of the TV show “Anupama” to protect Anupama. Anuj and Anupama have broken up, and Anuj has said that he will not try to get back together with her. Kanta tries to comfort Anupama as she breaks down in tears after Anuj leaves her.

Anupama: Upcoming Story

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In the most recent turn of events, Vanraj tries to take advantage of Anupama’s weakness by showing her extra care and concern. Pakhi and Kinjal see what Vanraj is doing and figure out that he is trying to use Anupama. Pakhi doesn’t like how Vanraj says he cares about Anupama and worries about her.

Pakhi tells Kinjal what Vanraj plans to do, and they both decide to keep Anupama safe from him. In the next episodes, we’ll see how Pakhi and Kinjal stand up to Vanraj in order to protect Anupama’s happiness.

Will Anupama Become a Dancer Again?

The episode of “Anupama” on April 7, 2023, begins with Anupama contemplating how she can establish a sense of accomplishment now that she’s a free spirit. Kanta visits Anupama and urges her to return to the place that belongs to her and has been waiting for her presence for years.

Anupama understands what Kanta means and leaves the house, only to be subjected to petty gossip by the neighbors. The ladies in the neighborhood gossip about how Anupama doesn’t even care about her second husband left her. However, Anupama stands up for herself and declares that she and Anuj have not left each other because love will always prevail.

Anupama expresses her desire that nobody in the neighbourhood ever has to go through the same things as her and leaves. Upon reaching her destination, Anupama opens the doors of her dance academy and enters the building after a long time. She walks around the room and looks at a picture of herself dancing, which brings a smile to her face.

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Anupama: Upcoming Story

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