Anupama 28th April 2023: Anuj is Returning to Anupama’s Life Because He Loves Her!

Anupamaa is an Indian TV drama in Hindi language. Pakhi meets with Anuj and Anu in this episode, while Maya dispatches Anu to school. Barkha calls Maya, but Maya believes it is too late to respond. Pakhi requests that Maya communicate with Barkha and continue planning.

Anuj asks Pakhi if she has informed her family about her vacation, but Pakhi replies that she has only informed Kinjal. Leela inquires as to why Pakhi traveled to Anuj, to which Kinjal responds that Pakhi desires to reunite Anuj and Anupama. Dimpy arrives and mocks Samar by stating that Pakhi agrees with Anuj.

Samar screams at her for dissolving the marriage. Dimpy believes that he should not have told his family about their argument. He believes Anuj will not attend the ceremony because he has caused Anupama so much pain. In the meantime, Anupama calls Pakhi, and Anuj hears her voice on the call.

Anupama asks Pakhi if she’s okay and instructs her to go to Kapadia’s home to obtain the necessary paperwork to establish the new dance academy. Pakhi informs Anupama that she has arrived to meet Anuj, who is currently eavesdropping on their conversation. Leela requests that Dimpy refrain from misbehaving with her and not anticipate anything from them.

She reports that Samar is still willing to wed Dimpy, but Anuj will not be in attendance. Vanraj requests that Dimpy cancel the wedding if she wishes to invite Anuj, but Dimpy is adamant about having Anuj conduct her kanyadaan.

Anupama 28th April 2023: Anuj Informs Vanraj That He is Returning to Anupama's Life!

She explained that her parents don’t take responsibility for her. She reminded everyone how Anuj had saved Anupama and Samar’s lives and even supported Samar with a loan.


Anupama 28th April 2023: Anuj Informs Vanraj That He is Returning to Anupama’s Life!

Vanraj requested that Samar repay the funds to Anuj. Dimpy argued that Anuj had done them many favors, but Kinjal questioned how Dimpy intended to recompense Anupama’s generosity. Anupama inquired as to why Pakhi went to meet Anuj, to which Pakhi responded that she wished to confront him face-to-face.

Anupama cautioned Pakhi against fighting Anuj, who was already enduring a great deal. Anuj overheard the conversation and immediately began crying. Vanraj stated that the family was present to provide support for Anupama. Dimpy told Kinjal that she was unable to balance her life as well as Anupama and Kinjal did.

Samar instructed her to cease mistreating Kinjal. Dimpy disclosed her affection for and desire to marry Samar, but Anuj’s presence complicated matters. Samar believed that Anuj had no right to attend their wedding because he had harmed Anupama. Dimpy criticized Vanraj for compromising on Anupama, prompting Leela to request her departure.

Dimpy asked Samar if his decision was definitive, and when Samar remained silent, Dimpy left. Vanraj and Leela concurred that Dimpy did not merit Samar. Kavya urges everyone to remember the kindnesses extended to them. Vanraj asks her to leave, but Hasmukh defends Kavya. Anupama inquires whether Anuj is okay, and Pakhi confirms that he is.

She then requests that Maya excuse them. Hasmukh concurs with Kavya, and she informs Leela that even if Anuj does not return, Anupama will never return to Vanraj. Kavya reprimands Leela for attempting to woo Anupama and requests Vanraj and Leela to comprehend Samar’s suffering.

They are called egotistical by her. Vanraj is concerned that Pakhi may persuade Anuj to return. Pakhi reminds Anuj that he once attempted to persuade her, and now it is her turn to persuade him. She tells him that he has the greatest understanding of love and asks him how he can leave the love for which he fought the world. She informs Maya that Barkha, and she will never be able to separate Anuj and Anupama, who complement one another.

She explains that Anuj’s hostility conceals his affection for Anupama. Pakhi shows Anuj photographs of Anupama to jog his memory of their most memorable moments together. Anuj becomes emotive and begins to cry while viewing the photographs. Pakhi informs him that his affection for Anupama is evident in his irises and that Anupama is not to blame.

Anupama 28th April 2023: Anuj Informs Vanraj That He is Returning to Anupama's Life!

She requests that he not permit Barkha and Maya to separate him from Anupama. Pakhi reminds Anuj that he has always supported and comprehended Anupama, and requests that he do so once more. Anuj informs Vanraj that he is returning to Anupama’s existence out of love for her. Anupama is ecstatic upon hearing this news.

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