Anupama 25th April 2023: Barkha Tells Anupama a Lie That Anuj Already Signed Papers!

Anupamaa is a television drama series in the Hindi language. Barkha tries to get Anuj and Anupama to sign some papers and leave the office without meeting each other. Adhik sees how Barkha tricks Anuj on purpose and feels useless. Anuj wants to go back to Anupama, but he is in a hurry when he signs the papers.

Barkha is happy that she will no longer need Anuj. Anuj can’t wait to meet Anupama, but Barkha doesn’t want him to leave and go see her. She tells him that after he signs the papers, he can go to the airport. Barkha is bad, and she doesn’t want Anupama to get her share of the Kapadia business.

Kankush tells Anuj that he has a job as a brother and asks him to stop being so far away from Anupama. Anuj is swayed by what Vanraj and Barkha say about Anupama, and he ends up in Barkha’s trap. He chooses not to stay and meet Anupama. Ankush runs to get Anupama and tells her to take care of work later, but first, she needs to meet Anuj.

He doesn’t listen to Barkha and goes with Anupama. Ankush and Anupama are surprised that Anuj is not in his bedroom. Ankush tells Anuj that Anupama was living at Kanta’s house, but that fate is trying to bring them together. Barkha goes to Anupama and tells her that they are very busy and asks her to sign the papers and leave.

Ankush tells Anuj that he’s sorry he was rude and urges him to stop Anupama and take a step toward making up. Anuj cries as he hugs Ankush. He chooses to talk to Anupama and tell her not to leave.

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Anupama 25th April 2023: Barkha Tells Anupama a Lie That Anuj Already Signed Papers!

When Anupama attempts to view Anuj’s chamber, Barkha obstructs her view and then lectures her. Anupama reminds Barkha that the business is hers and that she is authorized to approve it. She requests that Barkha accord her respect because she holds a superior position to Barkha.

Anupama 25th April 2023: Barkha Tells Anupama a Lie That Anuj Already Signed Papers!

Anupama degrades Barkha by referring to her as a mere guard of her business and reminding her that she left everything voluntarily and can return voluntarily. Anupama requests that Barkha recollect her etiquette and status, compelling Barkha to request her. Pakhi and Kinjal desire Anupama and Anuj to reconcile, but Paritosh reminds them that Anupama’s emotions are equally important.

He suggests that Anuj cannot abandon Anupama at will and that she should not readily absolve and trust him. Pakhi believes Anuj should be forgiven once, whereas Paritosh believes Anuj does not merit a second opportunity.

Pakhi and Kinjal believe that Anuj and Anupama are in love and should be together, whereas Paritosh is concerned that Anupama will be wounded again if Anuj does not appear. Anupama examines the documents prior to signature and questions Barkha if she is familiar with the business’s regulations.

Anupama reminds Barkha that everything pertains to Anuj, despite Barkha’s assurances to the contrary. Anupama suggests that Barkha contact Ankush to discuss the delay, which causes Barkha anxiety. Barkha tells Anupama a lie by stating that Anuj has already signed the documents and departed.

Anupama promises to speak with Ankush later and, upon noticing Anuj’s signature on the documents, realizes he is still in the office. She wonders why he is not visiting her. Anuj is embarrassed to confront Anupama and admits that he left the house without considering her. He does not believe she will absolve him and believes he does not merit forgiveness. Ankush urges him to visit Anupama, but Anuj cannot rationalize his actions.

He regrets his actions and concedes he cannot face her. Ankush asks him if he loves and desires Anupama back in his life, but Anuj responds that only Anupama and Anu are in his life. Anuj loses the will to approach Anupama, while Maya anxiously awaits Barkha’s call. Anupama detects the presence of Anuj, and Ankush instructs her to meet him.

Anupama 25th April 2023: Barkha Tells Anupama a Lie That Anuj Already Signed Papers!

Anupama enters Anuj’s chamber as Barkha becomes frantic. Anuj has left the office, and Ankush has instructed everyone to locate him. Barkha feels victorious, whereas Anuj regrets departing due to his lack.

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