Anupama 17th April 2023: Barkha Tries to Provoke Anupama!

“Anupamaa” is an Indian TV soap series shown in Hindi. In the show for today, Anu begs Anuj to call Anupama. Maya gets Anu to sleep and tells him to call Anupama later. Anuj helps Anu get ready for bed, and Anu brings Anupama’s saree with her, telling Anuj that she keeps it close when she misses her.

Anuj is stunned. Samar’s friend Paritosh tells him not to leave the house, and his friends Pakhi and Kinjal try to persuade him to stay and fight. Samar, on the other hand, is set on leaving.

Leela asks Samar to stay, but he doesn’t want to be caught by emotional blackmail, so he says he’ll leave. Vanraj tells Samar to leave, but he tells him to be kind to Leela as he does. Kinjal asks Dimple to convince Samar not to leave, but Dimple backs Samar’s choice.

Anupama 17th April 2023: Barkha Tries to Provoke Anupama!

This makes Leela think that she wants to split up the family. Samar chooses to leave in the end, and Vanraj tells him not to be rude to Leela.

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Anupama 17th April 2023: Barkha Tries to Provoke Anupama!

Anuj thinks back on the time he spent with Anupama and sees that he made a mistake when he asked Barkha to give Anupama’s things back. He calls Barkha, but she doesn’t understand why, since she thought Anupama wouldn’t contact her. Hasmuk stops Samar and tells everyone that leaving the house is not the answer.

He tells Samar not to lose his anger and that no one will be upset if he wants to marry Dimple. Kinjal backs Samar and says that the trouble is not with Samar but with Dimple. Anuj feels terrible that he asked Barkha to give Anupama’s things back, and he doesn’t understand how he could have made such a mistake.

Barkha doesn’t answer Anuj’s calls because she thinks Anupama isn’t listening. Barkha plans to trick Kanta by telling Anupama that Anuj still thinks of them and sends them expensive jewelry, so they can live well. Anupama knows that Barkha wants them to do something, so she tells her that she saw Barkha and Anuj’s call.

Barkha tries to provoke Anupama. Hasmuk doesn’t mind that Samar is getting Dimple, but he thinks that Dimple is trying to be Anupama, which not everyone can do. Barkha keeps getting calls from Anuj. Anupama asks Barkha to take back her things. Barkha thinks that Anupama or Kanta wants to get Anuj to respond so that they can get what they want.

Anupama 17th April 2023: Barkha Tries to Provoke Anupama!

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She says that Anuj left because Anupama was there. Anupama tells Kanta not to answer, and Kanta does. Kanta tells Barkha to give the things back before she gets mad. Adhik and Pakhi have an argument. Anuj asks Barkha what has happened to Anupama.

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