Anna Cathcart’s Health and Illness: What Disease Does Xo Kitty Cast Have in 2023?

Anna Cathcart’s Health and Illness: People have been worried about Anna Cathcart’s health for a long time. Does the star of “XO, Kitty” have any health problems? Let’s find it out.

Fans of the American romantic comedy show XO, Kitty know the name Anna Cathcart. The young actress has already done a lot of good work. She got her first TV part when she was only 11.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Odd Squad, Descendants, and Zoe Valentine are some of the hit shows she’s been in.

The Canadian actor has been in the news because she stars in the Netflix show XO, Kitty, which is now available to watch online. The actress, who was born in Vancouver, is best known for playing Kitty Covey in the Netflix series To All the Boys I’ve Loved and its spinoff.

Anna Cathcart: What Illness Does Xo Kitty Cast Have in 2023?

No. Anna Cathcart is not sick or hurt in any way. No public report has been made about the situation. The young star has also not said anything about her health problem.

So, we can assume that Cathcart is in good health and making the most of her life. Also, because of her status in the movie business, if the Odd Squad star is sick, it is rare that there will be no sign of it.

Anna Cathcart’s work went to the next level when XO Kitty came out. She is the main character in the spinoff series of the popular “To All the Boys” movies.

The outstanding young actor, whose career is just getting started, is the perfect person to play the teen matchmaker in the spinoff series.

Cathcart watched shows on the Disney Channel when he was young. She didn’t just watch the shows, though. She said it was her classes on how to act.

Anna Cathcart's Health and Illness:

“I haven’t really taken any acting classes… “I just watched so much TV, and that’s where I got my ideas for coaching and acting,” she said.

Cathcart also said that all the time she spent watching the Disney Channel and daydreaming about being on TV helped her get better at playing.

Family and Origin of Anna Cathcart

Anna Cathcart was born on June 15, 2003. She is one of two children of Jaime and Mamie Cathcart. Sara Cathcart, her bigger sister, is five years older than she is.

People often ask if the star of XO Kitty is Chinese. Cathcart was born in Canada, but his family came from China. Half of her mom’s family is Chinese. But the beautiful actor has Irish roots through her father.

When it comes to her schooling, the star goes to the University of British Columbia, where she studies sociology and creative writing.

No one knows what Anna Cathcart’s parents did for a living. Sara, her older sister, is one of the co-founders of Chattrbox, a clothes brand that aims to start a conversation and bring people together.

Anna Cathcart's Health and Illness:

The people in the Cathcart family are very close to each other. The young star is also not afraid to show how much she loves her parents on social media.

The perfect family all went to the screening of “XO, Kitty” together. Her parents and older sister must be happy for her.

In the end, we can say that Anna Cathcart is not sick. Her work took a big step forward when her new series came out. We hope that the ‘XO, Kitty’ star has a happier and more successful time ahead.

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