American Idol Top 10 2023: Top 8 Results & Elimination

American Idol Top 10 : On last week’s American Idol, 14 contestants were eliminated over the course of two nights. The top 26 were then reduced to 20, and the top 20 to 12. In tonight’s episode, two more contestants were eliminated as the Top 10 were determined.

But before that happens, season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert is back to help guide the Top 12 into the Hollywood rounds. In light of the theme of tonight’s broadcast (titled “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Night”), he seemed a natural fit. As for rock and roll guidance, who better than Lambert himself!

Ten contestants advanced last week thanks to your votes, and two more, Lucy Love and Nutsa, were plucked out of the Danger Zone and into the Top 12 by the judges. This evening’s two-hour episode featured performances from the remaining Top 12 contestants and a vote to determine which 10 would advance. Which contestants are moving on to the next round? See the complete roster (and picture!) down below.

Top 10 American Idol 2023 Contestants

american idol top 10 2023

Name City
Colin Stough Mississippi
Haven Madison Tennessee
Iam Tongi Hawaii
Marybeth Byrd Arkansas
Megan Danielle Georgia
Oliver Steele Tennessee
Tyson Venegas (Platinum ticket winner) Canada
Warren Peay South Carolina
Wé Ani New York
Zachariah Smith Mississippi

Zachariah Smith

Zachary is a big fan of Jon Bon Jovi. The voice coach helping him says the song is quite challenging for him. As he approaches the microphone, he removes his sunglasses. To make a motion. His voice is particularly grating at higher volumes. It’s the same guy every week though. The lack of sonic impurity in his voice is irrelevant. His enthusiasm and talent as an actor keep him in the game.
Zacharia assumes Luke picked out his tune. However, NOPE. It was Lionel’s pick! The attitude was spot on, he adds, adding, “crazy good,” “nasty,” and “fantastic.” I thought you kept that unpleasant to yourselves,” Katy responds. That’s fantastic, by the way. It was incredible,” Luke gushes. I was hoping you’d choose my tune! (Crocodile Rock by Elton John and Ain’t Too Proud to Beg by the Temptations were both eliminated from consideration.)

Haven Madison

The lyrics resonated with her because they mirrored something she was feeling at the time. She could be seeing someone right now. Yet she remains silent. She sounds like the music was made for her. She is an expert in the field. When she emphasizes her youth and her adolescent angst, she is at her finest. She needs more practice finding her own tone, but she has amazing potential once she does. In her package, she made reference to Katy. And I’m feeling them for the first time.

Haven assumes that Katy picked out the tune. She is right, in fact. Katy selected a song she describes as “both delicate and beautiful,” and she concludes by saying, “You’re amazing.” Luke says in jest that he is going to terrify the kid. He tells you, “You’re so the girl next door.” Congratulations, Lionel says. Your professional future is in your hands. That ‘it’ factor is definitely working in your favor. (River by Bishop Briggs and Cuz I Love You by Lizzo were not picked.)

Chayce Beckham

It’s been two years since Chayce won Season 19 of American Idol. He has returned with a brand new single titled “Till the Day I Die.” He’s a great songwriter, but country radio hasn’t been kind to his songs. Strangely, his winning tune “23” was just distributed to radio stations this year. The logic for this was the ever-increasing number of streams. However, it only gained a negligible amount of popularity. This new song, which Chayce wrote in tribute to a buddy who died in a car crash, draws from the same well of passion as his previous single, “23.”

What Luke has in store for him is shocking. He admits that “23” is a gold standard song. It means 500,000 copies were sold of the song. Well done! He’ll be touring alongside Luke, who has been Chayce’s guide ever since he won the competition.

Wé Ani

Wé is hesitant to sing a Whitney Houston song, but her voice teacher convinces her otherwise. The alternative is “it would be weird if you didn’t pick it.” Hm. I can’t say for sure that’s true. The song “I Try” by Macy Gray was a better option. Wé is completely capable of performing the song flawlessly. She utterly annihilated that song. But it’s a dull option overall. Her wording stays true to the source material. So, oh well.

The judges have stood up. We believe Lionel made that choice for her. NOPE. It was Luke who picked it out. I wasn’t really surprised. He gushes, “That was an outstanding performance. That was incredibly sophisticated; it sent shivers down my spine and the song fit you like a glove. “You owned that song….slayed it,” Lionel adds. You chose the perfect song,” Katy chimes in. You disclosed the fact that you are container-less. True stars go above and beyond. What? That was the most predictable song selection ever. (I Try by Macy Gray and Don’t Watch Me Cry by Jorja Smith were not picked.)

Oliver Steele

This week, Oliver plans to take a chance. He feels it would be safe to go with John Mayer. While Oliver is a skilled singer-songwriter and musician, his live performances (such as last night’s “Georgia on my Mind”) often lack energy. When the song reaches its second chorus, he really lets it rip. Even if the vocal itself isn’t great, the performance is plenty of energy.

If you ask Oliver, the music was chosen by Katy. Yes, he is right. In addition, he discovered who had selected what. Oh. Oliver has promised that his father will attend the next week’s game if he can make it that far. Katy compliments your rendition of a Radiohead song, calling it “angelic.” Luke describes him as a “vibe” and a “mood.” Luke, on the other hand, thinks he should play the guitar more often. Lionel comments, “The energy was tremendous. That tune was all yours. You claimed ownership of it. (John Mayer’s “Heartbreak Warfare” (which Luke chose) and “Bigger Than My Body” (which Lionel chose) were not picked.

Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran to step in for Katy and Lionel next week

As Ryan explains, Lionel and Katy will be performing at King Charles III’s coronation concert in the United Kingdom next week (May 7), so Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran will fill in for them. From Windsor Castle, they’ll be reporting live. The candidates will also have Alanis as a mentor. It’s a duet next week, too! Alanis and Ed will both make appearances during the show.

Warren Peay

Warren loved all three songs, but he selected this one because he wanted to challenge himself vocally. He makes a good move by selecting a modern song that provides listeners a taste of his style apart from the competition. Who, exactly, chose “Freebird”? CRINGE. While strumming his guitar, he occasionally takes the mic and interacts with the crowd. I’m going to repeat myself. You should not sleep on Warren. He’s taking the necessary steps to improve his situation.

According to Warren, Luke chose the tune. NOPE. Obviously, it was Lionel! Luke tying Katy up becomes a punchline. Yikes. According to Lionel, you “took the mic, owned the moment, let your attitude out, and transformed into the storyteller.” Amazing.” Katy like his use of dynamic play. Affected me badly. More of this, please. Luke makes light of his scheduled HR Orlando. I opted for the mountain’s “Blue” side. Embrace your tenacity and use it to your advantage. So Freebird it was for Katy. Sheesh. (The Steeldrivers’ Blue Side of the Mountain (Luke) and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird (Katy) were not picked.)

Iam Tongi

He considered covering “More than Words” by Extreme instead of Louis Armstrong’s original because he was afraid he wouldn’t do it justice. The voice coach, however, convinced him to go with “It’s a Wonderful World.” The song is an overdown on singing shows, yet it is a huge vote collector, just as “Hallelujah” and other songs that have been covered frequently. He gives a convincing rendition of an old favorite. The spectators react enthusiastically.

I’m going to think that Lionel chose the tune. NOPE. The man’s name was Luke! I hoped you’d come through for us, he says. It was like hearing that song at precisely the right time. You sucked us in, Lionel says; you have us from the first note on; you’re a phenomenon, he adds; you’re very, very remarkable. Katy wants him to perform “More than Words” if he ever becomes the winner of American Idol. (Consider Me by Allen Stone (Lionel) and More Than Words by Extreme (Katy) were not picked.)

Luke invited the Top 12 to his Stagecoach concert

OK. Video from the Top 12’s journey to see Luke perform at Stagecoach in Indio, California will air TONIGHT. Luke shows off his bus to the gang. Talk between themselves ensues. He tells tales of his youth. As a group, he tells them to “go have fun!”

Marybeth Byrd

None of the tunes were familiar to her. What about country music? Does she enjoy it? She opted for the Morgan Wallen song. The song’s sentiments ring true for her. This is already miles ahead of yesterday night’s ABBA cover after only two seconds. She may not have known the song, but she certainly feels it. She made the right decision. It showcases her talents as a singer and storyteller. As she sings, her suffering is plain to hear.

Marybeth is betting on Luke. NOPE. To be specific, Lionel made the selection. Well done! You have to fight,” Lionel tells us. A fight was what you needed. You delivered it to us, in that performance. According to Katy, Marybeth didn’t mature overnight. But she did it tonight. A “standout moment….it was your best performance to date,” according to Luke. That’s why I never provide my forecasts ahead of time. I was hoping Marybeth would be staying over. Having second thoughts now. Duets by Dolly Parton and Crystal Gayle that didn’t make the cut include “Here You Come Again” and “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.”

Tyson Venegas

All the jurors voted for slow songs. Tyson says he’s never sang a sad song live. The song “Someone You Loved” makes him nostalgic for his loved ones who are no longer with him. This tune is very frequently included on talent programs. Yet, it is poignant, making it ideal for significant events. Tyson is the one giving them to you. The contenders really need to leave their mark now. That song is perfect for him.

The judges have stood up. Tyson assumes that Katy picked the tune. Indeed, she did. Katy: “It’s everything I hoped to see from you…how far you’ve come on this stage.” You are not only a novelty. To me, you are all I need right now. Luke praised him for his maturity, self-assurance, and courage to confront his feelings by saying, “Way to show up.” According to Lionel, “you stepped into your own style.” Fantastic.” Songs by Bruno Mars and Adele (when I was your man and someone like you) that didn’t make the cut.

Megan Danielle

She performed it during her grandfather’s memorial service. And she does, indeed. Luke seemed on the verge of tears. Megan finds her own voice through Christian music. Her range, especially in the upper register, is incredible. The judges stand up as Megan begins to cry.

Because Lionel makes her think of her paw paw, she thinks he picked the song. NOPE It was Luke’s pick. So, naturally, she ended up hugging the lucky winner. You never hide your beliefs from anyone, he says. My heart told me. You nailed it, man. When you relate your tale, you “have the amazing ability to touch,” Lionel adds. I guess your grandpa picked out that music,” Katy said. And I think he’s trying to tell you that you’ve landed exactly where you’re supposed to be. Songs by Zach Williams and Bob Dylan, “Rescue Story” and “Make You Feel My Love,” were not selected.

Colin Stough

He went for a Staind tune since it made him nostalgic for his hometown. He and his working-class pals would jam to it on the job. Colin has been through a rough patch during the past week. At long last, he appears at ease while performing. Although he still has some reservations, he is making progress, especially for a country bumpkin with no professional background.

Colin assumes you mean Katy. YEP. Katy chose it. “I’m not thrilled with my victory. You make me happy, and that makes me happy. That’s good enough to win her the Judges’ Song Contest. Luke exclaims, “You are just wonderful in every way. You are in the process of learning how to move. But you’re making homeruns left and right. Lionel claims he “scared himself to death!” by going for broke on the final note. (‘Til You Can’t by Cody Johnson and Starting Over by Chris Stapleton were also considered but ultimately rejected).

RESULTS – It’s a TOP 8

Voting ended after the end of the final ad. One by one, Ryan announces the top seven. We’ll be getting rid of three of the remaining contenders. 23,000,000,000 votes!

American Idol 2023  (TOP 8!)

  • Megan Danielle
  • Haven Madison
  • Warren Peay
  • Wé Ani
  • Colin Stough
  • Iam Tongi
  • Zachariah Smith
  • Oliver Steele – Saved by the Judges


  • Tyson Venegas
  • Marybeth Byrd

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