Rakshasa Kaavyam OTT Release Date: OTT Platform, Storyline, Cast and Trailer Updates

akshasa Kaavyam OTT Release Date: The Rakshasa Kaavyam movie might come out in theaters on August 25, 2023. Abhay Bethikanti, whose real name is Naveen Bethiganti, became well-known for his role in Pelli Choopulu. Now, he is about to make his debut as a major actor in a movie called “Rakshasa Kaavyam.”

In this movie, Neveen Bethiganti is one of the main characters, along with Anvesh Michael and Dayanand Reddy. Well, star Satyadev gave the film’s first look a thumbs up. He liked what he saw and wished the team luck. The first impressions of Rakshasa Kaavyam are very good. It looks like a social play set in the past that talks about how important education is.

Even though Rakshasa Kaavyam was made on a small budget, it looks like the people who made it are coming up with a good story. Garuda Productions and Pingo Pictures made movies like George Reddy and Guvva Gorinka. They are the ones who made this movie. So, Rakshasa Kaavyam should come out in August 2023. The film can’t come out until the right time, because there are so many other movies coming out. Stay tuned for more information about the movie.

Rakshasa Kaavyam Movie OTT Release Date

The people who made Rakshasa Kaavyam haven’t said anything about digital rights yet, and the movie is possibly set to come out on August 25, 2023. Neveen Bethiganti’s first movie was “Pyar Mein Padipoyane,” which came out in 2014. However, “Pelli Choopulu,” which also came out in 2014, made him a big star. After that, he was in a few movies, but those movies didn’t help his business.

He was last seen in the 2021 movie Ee Kathalo Patralu Kalpitham and the web series Pitta Kathalu. In the movie “George Reddy,” Naveen worked with this company. Well, Rakshasa Kaavyam gives him a big chance to show what he can do. Let’s hope that this movie does well and helps him make a name for himself.

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Rakshasa Kaavyam Movie OTT Platform

This movie’s main character will be played by Kushalini. She has been in movies like Bangarraju and Ugya Roopasya. In this movie, comedian Yadamma Raju will play a key part. When it comes to Rakshasa Kaavyam’s digital rights, the creators haven’t given them out yet.

What is the Plot of Rakshasa Kaavyam Movie?

People say that Rakshasa Kaavyam is a social play that shows how important education is. Once the video comes out, we’ll know what the story is about.

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Who Are in the Cast of Rakshasa Kaavyam Movie?

Neveen Bethiganti, Anvesh Michael, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini, Rohini, Yadamma Raju, Shivratri Raju, Praveen Dhagaram, Kota Sandeep, Vijay Ambayya, Vinay Kumar Parri, and others. The film is directed by Shriman Kirthi. Venkatesh Kalyan is the editor and colorist, Rushi Konapuram is the cinematographer, Rajeev Raj and Srikanth are the composers, and Damu Reddy and Umesh Chikku are the producers for Garuda Productions and Pingo Pictures.

Rakshasa Kaavyam Official Trailer

The video for Rakshasa Kaavyam hasn’t come out yet. We can be sure that the video will be out soon.


Rakshasa Kaavyam, directed by Shriman Kirthi, is set to release on August 25, 2023, with Neveen Bethiganti as the main character. The social play, set in the past, aims to highlight the importance of education. The film is produced by Garuda Productions and Pingo Pictures, known for their previous works like George Reddy and Guvva Gorinka. The cast includes Neveen Bethiganti, Anvesh Michael, Dayanand Reddy, Kushalini, Rohini, Yadamma Raju, Shivratri Raju, Praveen Dhagaram, Kota Sandeep, Vijay Ambayya, Vinay Kumar Parri.

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