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Akanksha Puri is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry with her amazing talent and captivating presence. Akanksha Puri is in the news again after winning the Swayamvara show Mika Di Vohti, this time she enters the Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 house with 12 other entrants in the show.

Akanksha has made a name for herself in the worlds of film and TV with her beautiful looks, excellent playing skills, and lively personality. In this article, we will talk about Akanksha Puri’s life and what she has done. We will look at her journey and how she amassed her wealth.

Who is Akanksha Puri?

Akanksha Puri was born on August 26, 1988, in the Indian city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. She comes from a simple family, and she became interested in playing at a young age. Akanksha went to school in Indore, and then she moved to Mumbai to follow her dreams of working in the theatre business.

Akanksha Puri got her start in the entertainment business by doing modelling jobs and appearing in ads. Casting directors were drawn to her because of how beautiful and interesting she was. This opened doors for her in the world of acting. She got professional training to improve her acting skills, and then she got roles in movies and on TV.

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Akanksha Puri’s Family

Akanksha Puri’s father, RK Puri, is a former Assistant Commissioner of the Police. Her mother, Chitra, is an astrologer, and her younger brother, Amitesh, is a businessman.

Akanksha Puri Net Worth

If we talk about Akanksha’s personal life, she had an affair with Sidharth Shukla, who went on to win Bigg Boss. She also dated Paras Chhabra, who was also on Bigg Boss. She’s single and happy right now, and it’s clear that she and Mika are good friends, but she’s married because she won Mika’s show.

How did Akanksha Puri Rise to Fame?

Akanksha Puri became well-known and famous for the parts she played in movies and TV shows. Her big break came when she played Goddess Parvati in the famous mythology-based show “Vighnaharta Ganesh.” Her nuanced performance and elegant presence wowed the crowd and showed that she is a star to watch in the industry.

Aside from “Vighnaharta Ganesh,” Akanksha Puri has shown how good she is at playing in other movies and TV shows. She has played many different roles, showing how versatile she is as an actress. Some of her most famous projects are the movies “Calendar Girls” and “Action” and the TV shows “Savdhaan India” and “Raavan.”

Akanksha Puri Net Worth

Akanksha Puri’s skill is that she can play different types of characters with ease and conviction. She has shown how versatile she is as an actor by playing both mythological goddesses and dramatic parts with a lot of depth. She works hard at what she does and is able to bring each character she plays to life. This has won her praise from critics and the audience’s admiration.

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Akanksha Puri’s Love Life

Many people know about Akanksha Puri’s work achievements, and many people are also interested in her personal life. She used to be with Paras Chhabra, who is a well-known actress. But they parted ways on good terms. Akanksha has kept her personal life private and continues to work on herself and her job.

Akanksha Puri Net Worth

Concerning her and Mika Singh’s relationship, they are not married, despite popular belief that the Swayamvar couple must have begun a new adventure as a married couple.

Akanksha Puri’s Net Worth

Through her work in movies and TV shows, Akanksha Puri has shown that she is a skilled actor. Even though the public doesn’t know how much money she makes from acting, but according to various online sources Akanksha Puri has an estimated net worth of 2 crore rupees. It is not confirmed by us but it’s safe to say that Akanksha Puri’s acting job has added a lot to her net worth.

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In addition to being an actress, Akanksha Puri has worked with a number of brands and companies on ads and endorsements on social media platforms. These kinds of partnerships give artists chances to get good deals and make more money. Even though the details of her brand endorsements are not generally known, it is common for successful actors to make a lot of money from these deals, which adds to their overall net worth.

Social Media Presence

Akanksha Puri is very popular on social media sites, where she gives her fans a look into her personal and work life. She interacts with her fans by telling them about her projects, showing them what goes on behind the scenes, and spreading happiness through her posts. By being involved on social media, she is able to connect more deeply with her fans.

Akanksha Puri Net Worth

Akanksha Puri is a talented and versatile actor who keeps trying new things and taking on new challenges in her work. She wants to use her hard work, passion, and determination to work on projects that push the limits of her skill. Her drive and ability to stay focused make her a strong force in the entertainment business.


From a girl from a small town to a well-known actor in the entertainment business, Akanksha Puri’s story is truly amazing. With her amazing skills, ability to do many different things, and charisma, she has left a lasting mark on the audience. Akanksha is a great example for aspiring artists and people in general because she is dedicated to her work, does good things for others, and works hard. As long as she keeps showing up on the screen, we can’t wait for her next projects and the amazing acts she has in store for us.

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