Agent Movie OTT Release Date: What is the OTT Platform for Agent Movie?

Agent Movie OTT Release Date: The OTT release of Akhil Akkineni’s movie ‘Agent’ has taken an interesting turn. Fans of Akkineni and people who work in the business were looking forward to the movie, but when it came out, it did very poorly at the box office. Due to the delay in getting the movie on OTT, people are still talking about it even though it had a terrible ending.

Agent Movie OTT Release Date

The movie was supposed to come out on OTT at the end of May. Still, the movie’s director, Surender Reddy, used the time to show another version of the movie that had been recut, which pushed back the OTT release. On June 23, Agent will finally be available to watch over-the-top (OTT) on the Sony Liv app.

Where to Watch Agent Movie Online?

Soon, you’ll be able to watch it on an OTT app. If you didn’t see this movie in a theater, you can watch it on the Sony LIV app. Officials have told everyone that Agent will soon be available online, so you’ll be able to watch it whenever you want. You can only watch this movie if you have the original Sony LIV app. You should also have paid access to the app.

What is the Plot of Agent Movie?

Agent is an exciting movie about Ramakrishna, who goes by the name Ricky and wants to become a real agent. When he meets Colonel Mahadev, the recognized leader of Raw who is known as “The Devil,” his life takes an exciting turn. Colonel Mahadev gives Ricky an important task because he likes what he has done. Ricky has to act like he is a new agent and go to Budapest to catch Dharma, a former raw agent who went bad and started his own crime group.

Dharma, who is called “The God,” is a big threat to national security. He has bad plans to use Super Cells, which are very dangerous, against India. When Ricky finds out that Dharma has joined forces with the Home Minister, Jayadev, his task becomes even more important. You can now watch the whole movie online to find out how it ends.

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The Cast and Crew of Agent Movie

The story for the movie Agent was written by Vakkantham Vamsi. The movie was made by AK Entertainment and Surender 2 Cinema. Sakshi Vaidya played the main woman in the movie “Agent.”

Agent Movie OTT Release Date

Hip Hop Tamizha put together the music. The bad guy was played by Bollywood star Dino Morea. Urvasi Rautela was incredible in a certain song. The movie tells the story of Ricky, played by Akhil, who has always wanted to be a raw agent since he was a young kid.

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Ricky is chosen by Mahadev (Mammootty) and taken under his wing so that they can beat Devil (Dino Morea), a former agent who has turned against the organization. After a normal task goes wrong, Ricky is all of a sudden the target. The story is about how Ricky solves this problem and does his duty for his country.

Agent Budget And Box Office Collections

Agent cost about 65 crores INR to make, which is a reasonable amount for a movie. Even though it didn’t cost a lot of money to make, Agent didn’t do very well at the box office.

Reports from the box office say that Agent made a net of 5.95 crores in India on its first day, which was Friday. On the second day, Saturday, the movie’s sales went down, and it only made 1.6 crores. On Sunday, the third day, it made Rs. 0.88 crore. On the fourth day, Monday, the movie made 0.53 crore, which was still less than the day before. Then, the movie stopped being shown in theaters.

Is Any Trailer Released for Agent Movie?

On April 18, 2023, AK Entertainment put the video for “Agent” on YouTube. Since then, it has been seen 17 million times and gotten 273K likes, which is a lot. Even though the movie was highly anticipated, it hasn’t done well at the box office.

Even though “Agent” cost between Rs. 70 crores and Rs. 80 crores to make, it has only made a small Rs. 10 crores at the box office so far.


The OTT release of Akhil Akkineni’s movie ‘Agent’ has taken an interesting turn due to a delay in getting it on OTT. On June 23, it will be available to watch on the Sony Liv app. The plot is about Ramakrishna, Ricky, Colonel Mahadev, Dharma, and Jayadev. Agent is a movie about Ricky, played by Akhil, who is chosen by Mahadev (Mammootty) to beat Devil (Dino Morea). It cost 65 crores to make but only made Rs. 10 crores at the box office.

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