Adiyae Movie OTT Release Date: OTT Platform, Storyline, Cast and Trailer

Adiyae Movie OTT Release Date: The movie Adiyae came out on August 25, 2023. One of the best music artists in Tamil movies is GV Prakash. He has also written music for big Telugu movies, and he has been busy with both music and acting. The movie “Bachelor,” which came out in 2021, is what he is best known for. Do you know that in the movie Bachelor, there was a song called “Adiye” that was a huge hit? Now, he’s getting ready for his next movie, which is called “Adiyae” and is based on that song.

The movie poster video for Adiyae has been released, and from what we can see of it, it looks like a sci-fi romance movie. Vignesh Karthick was in charge of Adiyae, and Prabha Premkumar was in charge of making it. Well, the plan is for the movie to come out in June 2023. Keep an eye out for some interesting facts about the movie.

Adiyae Movie OTT Release Date

The people who made Adiyae haven’t said anything about its digital rights yet, and the movie won’t come out until August 25, 2023. As a music director, G.V. Prakash Kumar has been working on back-to-back movies. He has written music for big Tamil movies like “Captain Miller,” “Mark Antony,” “Thangalaan,” “Japan,” and many more. He also writes music for Telugu movies like Tiger Nageswara Rao, VNRTrio, and Emergency, a Bollywood movie with Kangana Ranaut. Vaathi/Sir and Rudhran were GV Prakash’s most recent and most recent works, respectively. Do you know that he has done the music for almost 21 movies?

Adiyae Movie OTT Platform

The OTT release of Adiyae is a secret, but people are looking forward to it. Zee5 is said to have bought the digital rights to the movie, and the first time it will be shown on the site will be in October. But there hasn’t been an official release yet, so stay tuned for more news. In the meantime, you can come back to this page to see any new information as soon as it’s ready.

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What is the Story of Adiyae Movie?

The plot of the movie is about a young man who accidentally goes to a different world. Everything is different from his own world in this one. He thinks that MS Dhoni will be the captain of RCB, that Vijay’s Yohan will run for 150 days, that Ajith will win the Grand Prix in Formula 1 Australia, that Seeman will be the president of Sri Lanka, and that Vijayakanth will be the prime minister of India.

Adiyae Movie OTT Release Date

A man gets stuck in a world that is not his own. He has to figure out how to get back to his own world, but he soon learns that things aren’t as easy as they seem. He is stuck between two parts of himself, one of which wants to keep him in the parallel world and the other of which wants to help him go back to his own life.

The twist is that the two forces are not outside of him, but are instead his own two sides. The most important part of the movie is when the man has to choose which part of himself to follow. Will he decide to stay in the parallel world, where he is happy but not fulfilled? Or will he choose to go back to his own world and face the problems from his past?

Adiyae Movie Cast and Crew

Adiyae is a stylish scientific romance movie directed by Vignesh Karthick and written with help from Kishore Sankar. G. V. Prakash Kumar and Gouri G. Kishan play the main parts. Venkat Prabhu and Mirchi Vijay have supporting parts in the same group. The movie is made by Maali & Manvi Movie Makers, which is run by Prabha Premkumar. Gokul Benoy is in charge of the photography, and Muthayan U is in charge of the cutting. Justin Prabhakaran wrote the music for the themes and the background music.

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The Official Trailer of Adiyae Movie

The trailer for Adiyae, which isn’t like other movies, has been posted on the YouTube account for the movie’s new distributor, “Think Music India.” The video has already caused a stir, and people are more excited about the movie because of its new idea. If you haven’t seen it yet, click the link below to watch it now!


Adiyae, a sci-fi romance film directed by GV Prakash Kumar, is set to release in June 2023. The movie, based on the hit song “Adiye” from the Tamil movie “Bachelor,” is set to be released on August 25, 2023. The film is a stylish scientific romance directed by Vignesh Karthick and written by Kishore Sankar. The movie is set to be released on Zee5’s OTT platform in October. The cast includes G. V. Prakash Kumar, Gouri G. Kishan, Venkat Prabhu, and Mirchi Vijay. The movie’s official trailer, posted on YouTube, has already caused excitement for the film.

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