Is Adipurush Hit or Flop in India? Know the Analysis of Box Office Fate of the Film!

Adipurush Hit or Flop: “Adipurush” is one of the most talked-about and expected upcoming Indian movies. Movie fans are very excited about it. With a great cast, a big budget, and an interesting plot, the movie has already caught the attention of people all over the country. This piece will look at how “Adipurush” might do at the box office in India and try to figure out if it will be a hit or a flop.

Adipurush Box Office Collection

Critics and fans have had different things to say about Adipurush. The movie Adipurush has done well at the box office. It stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon. Om Raut’s movie made an amazing Rs 95 crores on its first day of release in India.

Day Box Office Collection
Day 1 (Friday)
95.00 Crores Net India / 133 Crores Worldwide
Day 2 (Saturday) 65.00 Crores
Day 3 (Sunday) 64.00 Crores
Day 4 (Monday) 20.00 Crores
Day 5 (Tuesday) 10.80 Crores
Day 6 (Wednesday) 7 Crores

The most popular version of Adipurush in any language was the Telugu version, which made about Rs 58.5 crores. According to Sacnilk, the Hindi language brought in about 35 crores, while the Tamil and Malayalam languages brought in about 70 lakhs and 40 lakhs, respectively.

The movie also did very well in other countries, where it made about Rs 35 crores. As a result, Adipurush made an impressive Rs 133 crores globally on its first day. Based on these numbers, the well-known producer and business expert Girish Johar was sure that the movie would do well.

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BoxOfficeIndia shared a report that said the movie’s first-day global sales were expected to be around Rs 140 crores and could hit Rs 150 crores when all sales were added up on Saturday.

Pathaan, the highest-grossing movie of 2023, made Rs 106 crores on its first day of release around the world. During its time in theatres, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie earned Rs 1000 crores.

Why Adipurush Sparked Debates?

Some of the dialogue in the movie, especially Hanuman’s in the Lanka Dahan scene, was seen as rude and offensive, which led to debate and anger. But the film’s director, Manoj Muntashir Shukla, defended it by saying that it was done on purpose and was simplified to create some kind of distraction or separation between the characters.

Adipurush Hit or Flop in India

He also said that the best Indian saints and stories had used the same dialogue in the same way, so he wasn’t the first person to write this dialogue, which was “already there.” Later, Shukla said that the movie was not an exact copy of Ramayana, but that it was based on the book. Soon after, he said that the team had decided to change the attacking lines within the first week of the game’s release.

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On June 18, 2023, Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the show’s creators and actors with the Hazratganj police. In his complaint, Chaturvedi, a spokesman for the Hindu Mahasabha, said that the movie was an attempt to hurt Hindu feelings by distorting the images of Hindu gods and using offensive dialogue and costumes.

What Critics Say About Adipurush?

As soon as Adipurush hit theatres, it was criticized for its speech and visual effects. Even though the film’s creators have changed some bad lines and even lowered ticket prices, the movie hasn’t done better at the box office. On Friday, the 3D version will still cost Rs 150 per ticket, and the glasses will cost extra.

In its first week, Adipurush did very well at the box office. The first few days were great, but now, because of bad reviews, Adipurush’s number is going down by a huge amount. It is expected to bring in 260 Crores in its first week. The numbers are too low to reach the 700 Crores mark needed for a movie to be considered a Hit. The final decision is still unknown, and Adipurush is not expected to do well at the box office based on the negative reviews that have been written so far.

Adipurush Hit or Flop in India

Critics have given Adipurush mixed reviews, which means that people have different ideas about how good it is. It stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon. Still, the movie made a very good Rs 95 crores on its first day in India, which is a lot of money. This early success shows that people still want to watch it, no matter what the doubters say.

Different versions of the movie have done well, but the Telugu version has done the best. The Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam translations were also added to the collection as a whole. Adipurush also did well internationally, where it made around Rs 35 crores and a total of Rs 133 crores on day 1.

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It’s important to remember that we won’t know for sure if Adipurush is a hit or a miss until we have all the box office figures after a few days. Adipurush could have been a hit at the box office based on its early numbers and how the audience reacted to it, but it lost that chance because of the bad reviews. But we shouldn’t make a final choice until we know how well the movie did at the box office and more time has passed.

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush came out in different languages last Friday, and both audiences and reviews have had different things to say about it. In it, Prabhas plays Raghav, Kriti Sanon plays Janaki, and Saif Ali Khan plays Ravana, the bad guy. The famous director Bhushan Kumar was in charge of making the movie.

Some fans are happy that Adipurush is out and are meeting outside theatres to celebrate, but others are disappointed that the dialogue and special effects aren’t better. The movie has also caused some trouble, like when the Mayor of Kathmandu asked that certain lines be taken out before it could be shown in Nepal City.

A review in Hindustan Times said that Adipurush is a Bollywood-style movie that has been compared to the Avengers, Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. People who watch this movie are always criticizing what Hanuman Ji says. While Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan’s acting were praised, the movie’s dialogue and the way it tells the story were criticized.

Adipurush Movie Budget

Adipurush is a big-budget movie that cost 600 crores INR to make. This was 500 crores before the teaser, but everyone stopped watching it after that, so the people who made it chose to work on it again. They spent an extra 100 crores on visual effects, so the total budget was 600 crores. This is based on how people reacted to the trailer, which got a lot of attention and joy from fans. The fact that it got good reviews on its first day in theatres suggests that it will make more money than it costs.


It’s hard to tell how a movie will do at the box office, and “Adipurush’s” success will depend on a number of things. But the movie has the ability to do well at the Indian box office because it is based on a good book, has a big budget, and has a lot of big names in it. “Adipurush” could become a hit and leave a lasting effect on audiences if it is marketed well, has a good story, and gets good reviews.

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