Adam Perkin Cause of Death: What Happened to Adam Perkin?

Adam Perkin Cause of Death: This year, the shocking death of Vine star Adam Perkins was caused by drugs, E! News has revealed. The musician and content maker died in April at the age of 24. His “Welcome to Chili’s” video and other clips went viral. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner found that Perkins died accidentally from “multiple drug intoxication,” according to an autopsy report from July 7 that E! News got on Wednesday, August 4.

Adam’s body had fentanyl, which is a strong opioid pain reliever, flu alprazolam, which is a tranquilizer, mitragynine, which is a psychoactive part of the plant kratom, ethanol, which is booze, and cocaine, which the coroner said Adam had taken not long before he died.

Who was Adam Perkins?

Adam Perkins became most well-known on Vine, which is no longer available. On Vine, people shared short, funny videos. Vine stopped working in 2019, but Adam had more than 200,000 fans on the site at the time.

Adam’s “Hi, Welcome to Chili’s” video was his first and most famous viral Vine. It made him famous as soon as it was shared. Adam also put up a few movies with his twin brother Patrick in them.

Adam Perkin’s Cause of Death

Adam’s brother was the one who told everyone that Adam had died. In an Instagram post, Patrick wrote about his brother. “My brother Adam Perkins died last Sunday, April 11, 21st,” he wrote. “I can’t even find the words to describe how much this loss hurts me.

Adam Perkin Cause of Death

“Being a twin is an important part of who I am. It’s all I’ve ever known, and I can’t find the words to describe what it will be like to live without him, my best friend. “I love you, my best friend Adam,” Patrick said in the end. “1997-forever.”

Patrick hasn’t said yet what caused his brother’s death, and it hasn’t been written about anywhere else either. Even though no one knows what caused Adam’s death, many people instead thought about what Adam had meant to them.

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Tributes to Adam Perkin

After his death was reported, people who knew him well and people who only knew him from the videos he posted on viral started sending him tributes. Adam’s close friend and ex-boyfriend Kelton Elliott wrote in a dedication, “My forever best friend and ex-boyfriend died this past weekend, and I’m heartbroken.”

“I’m really sad that Adam Perkins died,” wrote one person on Twitter. “My favorite vines are ‘*gasp* Adam!’ and ‘Hi, welcome to Chilli’s.’ I quote them all the time. I really feel bad about his brother. May he sleep peacefully?” “I’m at a loss for words,” wrote someone else. “You and your family are in my thoughts. Since 2014, you and Adam have made me happy. I love you both.”

No matter how he died, it’s clear that Adam and his brother still had a lot of fans online. Even though Vine stopped working a few years ago, it still helped people who watched Adam’s videos connect with the people in front of the camera. Social media can be dangerous, but it can also bring people together in ways that last long after the site where they met.

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Adam Perkins Family on His Death

Patrick, Adam’s twin, posted a picture of the two of them with a touching message for his late brother. Patrick wrote on the description of his Instagram photo, “I can’t even really explain what this loss means to me. “What’s it like to be a twin?” is a question I get asked a lot. Usually, my answer is, “What’s it like to NOT be a twin?”

Adam Perkin Cause of Death

He also said, “Being a brother is a very important part of who I am. I’ve only ever known it. I’m having trouble finding the words to describe what it will be like for me to live without him. my best friend.”

Kelton Elliot, Adam Perkins’s ex-boyfriend, and close friend, remembers the young star, along with his twin brother. On his Instagram, Kelton posted pictures of him and Adam. He also posted a picture of Adam’s 2018 music video for the song “Redwood Reverie.”


Adam Perkins, a 24-year-old musician and content creator, died accidentally from multiple drug intoxication, according to an autopsy report from E! News. Perkins, known for his viral Vine videos, had over 200,000 fans at the time. His body contained fentanyl, flu alprazolam, mitragynine, ethanol, and cocaine. Perkins’ brother, Patrick, announced his brother’s death on Instagram. Despite his death, his twin brother Patrick sent tributes to his brother, expressing his love for him and the memories they shared.

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