Abdu Rozik Net Worth: How Rich is the World’s Shortest Singer?

Abdur Rozik, a name linked with achievement, is a famous figure. He is prominently known as the world’s smallest singer and came into the limelight after his appearance on Bigg Boss 16. Abdur Rozik has accumulated enormous riches over his career as a result of his excellent business skills and clever investments.

In this article, we will delve into Abdur Rozik’s net worth, exploring the sources of his wealth and the factors contributing to his success.

Abdur Rozik Biography

Abdu Rozik was born Muhammadroziqi Savriqul on September 23, 2003. He is from Ghizhdarva, Panjakent, Tajikistan. His mother, Rooh Afza, father, Savriqul Muhammad, and brothers are all Muslims.

abdu rozik net worth

Abdu is a singer, actor, blogger, and fighter. Everyone has noted that the 20-year-old vocalist is vertically challenged. Abdu Rozik has a growth hormone deficit.

How Abdur Rozik Rose to Fame?

Abdu presently has over a million YouTube subscribers. He was also featured in the Indian reality TV show Big Boss 16, which he willingly quit in 11th place. He also continues to sing and release music.

Abdu has 113,000 monthly Spotify listeners as of May 2023 and is a verified artist on the streaming site. His most popular song, Pyar, has over one million Spotify listens, followed by Chota Bhaijaan, which has over 970,000 streams.

abdu rozik net worth

The singer has over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and several of his videos have over one million views.

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Oppa Oppa and You Very Chalak Bro are two of his other popular songs. Abdu was seen in Salman Khan’s film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which was released this Eid.

What is Abdu Rozik’s Net Worth?

Abdu’s net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 and $1 million (£402k-8.4k). His earnings have come from both his TV appearances and his songs. His weekly compensation in Big Boss is 5 lakh INR.

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Abdu Rozik has modified his gold shoes. We saw him exhibit his shoes to other participants and he revealed that the golden shoes cost him $5000, which is approximately 4 lakhs 80 thousand rupees.

Abdu Rozik’s Car Collection

Abdu, like many other well-known celebrities, is an ‘automotive junkie,’ as evidenced by his fleet of pricey wheels. He owns an outstanding collection of cars, including two Mercedes Benz New C-Class 1197-2022 and a Ferrari, as well as a Rolls Royce with a customized number plate with his name printed on it.

abdu rozik net worth

Despite having some of the most costly cars, he uses a helicopter to avoid traffic. According to reports, the social media sensation owns a luxurious home in Tajikistan complete with a helipad.

How Tall is Abdu Rozik?

Abdu stands 94cm (three feet and one inch) tall. His short stature is said to be the result of untreated rickets as a toddler.

Rickets is a treatable growth hormone shortage; nevertheless, his parents were unable to afford the medication, resulting in his stunted growth. As a child, he began singing for money on the streets and at markets.

He now has millions of Instagram followers, has performed in music competitions, and is a movie actor.

Does Abdu Rozik know Hasbulla?

After their highly public “feud,” Abdu and Hasbulla Magomedov became increasingly popular in 2021. The viral footage of their fight had fans hoping for an official bout between the two.

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However, Hasbulla destroyed all dreams of a bout with Abdu, saying, “Yes, some people want to organize it, but they won’t be able to.” “Because it is prohibitively expensive, and not many people will be able to afford it.”


Abdur Rozik’s net worth reflects his creative skills and singing talent. His success story acts as an encouragement and motivation to millions of people. Check our website for more updates!

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