A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date: Who Will be The Investigative Couple In The Season 2?

The first episode of this Thai Boy Love series aired on March 3, 2023. This is GMMTV’s first BL series of the year. The cast of the series is made up of well-known actors from earlier GMMTV productions. The series has already received a large number of views on Youtube and is being viewed and rewatched globally. It was adapted from the book Khob Wanni Loek Kan Pi Mai by Bravely.

It is the author’s second book set in the same world. ‘New’ has already helmed a number of well-known productions, including Make It Right Love By Chance, Between Us, and My Only 12%. He is renowned for putting on quality performances. Fans are eager to see more of their exquisite storytelling in A Boss and A Babe.

Has A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Been Renewed?

Fans of A Boss and A Babe are anxiously anticipating news of a potential second season even though the show’s tale has not yet been fully concluded. The revival of the program has not yet been officially announced by GMMTV.

Fans still have hope, though, because GMMTV’s newest project, Our Skyy 2, will feature Gun and Cher, the show’s lead couple, as well as other GMMTV couples. Our Skyy 2 is ready for release after wrapping up production.

Overview Of A Boss And A Babe Season 2

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Title A Boss And A Babe
Season 2
Screenwriter Inthira Thanasarnsumrit
Director Siwaj, Sawatmaneekul
Genre Comedy, Romance
Cast Jiratchapong Srisang, Kasidet Plookpho,

Pusit Ditaphisit

Production The One Enterprise, GMMTV, Studio Wabi Sabi
Country Of Origin Thailand
Origin Langauge Thai
Available Langauge English
First Season Aired On 3 Mar 2023
Second Season TBA
Run Time 45 Min.
Available On GMM 25, Viu TV

Who Is The Investigative Couple In The Season?

A rookie prosecutor and forensic physician continue to work well together as they pursue justice in the second season. Using the premise that no crime is truly untraceable as their foundation, they collaborate to look into death in this season.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Release Date

Fans of BL are beginning to take notice of the Thai BL drama series A Boss and A Babe. It is based on a novel that is divided into multiple parts, with a significant pair appearing in each one. The segment with Gun and Cher has been reworked for GMMTV. The date of the second season’s release is still unknown and has not yet been officially documented.

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What’s The Story Behind A Boss And A Babe?

This show takes place at Phenomenal Gaming, a studio that creates video games, where Cher is the intern and Gun is the boss. Cher, who goes by the nickname Laem among his pals, competes in a variety of e-sports events with his buddies in the hopes of one day being a professional player.

A gaming channel and an ASMR channel are also managed by him. Although he has a popular gaming channel, he keeps his face hidden on his ASMR channel.

A Boss And A Babe Season 2 (1)

He is a carefree university student who embraces life head-on and is not afraid to explore new things. He enjoys having fun. In contrast, Gun is a stern and strict employer who runs his office with an iron grip.

The moment he enters the room, his employees become tense and attentive. In the end, their paths diverged, and his friend departed the company on a sad note. He and his companion had started the business from scratch.

The cast of A Boss And A Babe Season 2

There are the following members who will follow their own character.  Series one is so fascinating as the point of view of viewers. Jiratchapong Srisangas Gun Kasidet Plookphol is CherPusit Ditaphisit is ThiThiphakorn, and Zo. Time Chinnarat Siriphongchawalitas, played by Jack Thinnaphan Tantui as Porsche Satabut Laedeke.

The Trailer Update For A Boss And A Babe Season 2

The second season of A Boss and A Babe does not, regrettably, have an official trailer. The first season’s trailer is available for viewing by viewers, who may also currently watch the show online.

In the video posted by GMMTV on their official YouTube account, fans can also get a sneak peek at the follow-up series Our Skyy 2, and they can watch the new season beginning on April 19, 2023.

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A Boss And A Babe Season 2: Where Can You Watch It?

The show is available on a number of official websites for those who are interested in watching it. Both Viu TV and GMM 25’s official original network carry the program.

Each episode will be split into four parts and available to viewers on GMMTV’s official Youtube page as well. All 12 episodes will be uploaded every week on Friday at 8:30 PM, according to Thai time.

Is A Boss And A Babe Season 2 Worth Watching?

Yes, Principal in command of Force The fifteen years of friendship between Jiratchapong Srisang (Gun) and Book Kasidet Plookphol (Cher) create an on-screen chemistry that is apparent. One of the highlights of the show is their casual friendship. The premise isn’t based on a flimsy drama, and the story is straightforward.

Serious topics discussed in the show, like teen pregnancies, death, despair, and LGBT themes, are given weight. Characters never make light of real-world problems in order to satirize them. It’s a humorous, entertaining program that doesn’t avoid difficult subjects but treats them with the respect they merit.

What Is The Rating Of A Boss And A Babe Season 2?

IMDb and MyDramaList both give the program a high rating of 8.3 out of 10, and MyDramaList gives it an even better rating of 8.4 out of 10. Fans all across the world, especially those in Thailand, are getting more and more devoted to it.

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1- A Boss and a Babe Season 2—will there be one?

       It has not been confirmed that A Boss And A Babe Season 2 will air.

2- In what location were Season 2 of A Boss and a

     Babe shoot?

        It’s unknown where Season 2 of the show was filmed.

3- Which language was A Boss And A Babe shot in?

        Thai was the language used to film the series.

4- How many episodes are there in each season of

     A Boss and a Babe?

        Only one season of the series has been released so far.


Bosses and Babes In spite of the challenges, their friendship gets stronger throughout the series, which makes fans cheer for their success. Fans looking for a happy series will enjoy the plot’s depiction of a joyous story. One of the production’s most stunning aspects is the ensemble of well-known actors who bring the roles to life.

They have greatly boosted the popularity of the event with their performances, which serve as a testimonial to their talent. The program surely acted as a launching pad for these performers’ careers, and fans look forward to seeing them in upcoming ventures.

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